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  1. I used to work at Stokes Tiles at the bottom of the moor before they did all the new roads. I used to have to walk under the passage to get into work and every day without fail id c a rat. I used to walk down to the moor at dinner. i used to walk at the back of Atkinsons and down to the side of Sainsburys. the rats used to running all over near the entrance to Sainsburys. And there used to be rats in Fitzalan Square
  2. Does anyone know that man who walks round the markets in sheffield city centre, he wears tiny shorts and socks pulled upto his knees EVEN IN WINTER!!!?? If you do what name does he have??
  3. I live on the Shiregreen Estates. We are supposed to be getting new bathrooms, moving the toilet from downstairs, taking 3 foot off the bedroom next to the bathroom to fit the toilet in there. The bathroom is small and crowed as it is. How are they supposed to fit the toilet in there i have no idea. The thing is that the bedroom they are taking 3 foot off is small as it aswell. The worst bit is that we dont have a choice in the matter. Has anyone else in the Shiregreen area heard of this or is it just a rumor??
  4. Ive found a report about the building here http://www.100megsfree4.com/farshores/pghost66.htm
  5. i'm fairly new to this site and ive been reading a load of the archives about the stocksbridge bypass. Im very interested about the exitance of ghosts and in particular the Firth Park old building Brushes (because it is very near to me). I read in the Star when they first started pulling the old building down that the builders refused to proceed until they had a exorcism ( you have to excuse the spelling there). I felt that that was wrong!!! if it was haunted, then it was haunted for a reason, and if the exorcism didnt work it will be interesting to see whether the ghost (Norma i think she was called) will still be ocuping the new building!! I just wondered what everyone elses view are!!!
  6. i was going thorugh town at bout 1.00pm and i saw them. I thought it could have been because of the match, but i dint realise until i got home that United was playing away. The police were all round near the Howard!! Hmph!!! i wonder wot was happening!!
  7. Id have to say the 47/48 bus route. several time ive had to waitin town for 1 for about 50 minutes the 3 come at once and they are all full!!!!!
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