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  1. £5?!?!?!? I think you've answered your own question here.
  2. http://www.peakvillage.co.uk/news-events/peak-village-fundraiser-is-a-real-purler ---------- Post added 31-03-2013 at 21:12 ---------- Sorry about this. I'm nearly a year out of date! Hope nobody made a special trip. oh and again
  3. This was advertised in our local free paper last week. I wondered if anyone was interested in knitting some leg warmers for donating? http://www.twigsknits.com/patterns/heather-leg-warmers-knitting-pattern/
  4. That just hurt my head:gag: but thank you for taking the time to reply. I may try that if I do him another pair. Thanks again
  5. Thanks w4b. I don't think there's much can be done here. Such a shame for him and for me. I put so much work into them and he would have loved made to fit socks as he has trouble buying them. Never mind
  6. I have knitted two pairs of socks (they had to be a size 14 didn't they? The biggest pairs of socks I've knitted to date) for a friend's Dad. Today, my friend gave me back the first pair. They have holes in the tops of them and are felted on the inside and out. NOW she tells me her Dad has hammer toes (if you're reading this, you and your Dad are both to blame ) The toes are obviously rubbing the sock onto his shoe and making holes and felting. What is the best hardwearing sock yarn around? OR, will he just have the same problem whatever sock yarn I use? Never thought to ask her if he has the same problem with ordinary shop bought socks. I'll text her...... Any advise?
  7. Did you mean to say there's plenty of mugs in your shop?
  8. I could well be No, no, Nottingham had filter coffee.....
  9. You used to get coffee too in the good old days. Call in - it's an experience!
  10. Where are you hiding all your fluff n stuff these days, W4B? Or are you a good girl these days and destashing? I can't remember the last time I bought yarn.... Happy knitting Kelleyt. Mgknit offers some sound advise. Have a look over this site and you will find tips and hints.
  11. I'm taking it that Jill is on yet another holiday....... :help::help:
  12. I resisted sarcasm. I can be nice too. It won't last.
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