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  1. Wedding Anniversary...not decided yet!!
  2. Red and yellow and Pink and Green Purple and orange and blue I can sing a rainbow Sing a rainbow Sing a rainbow too Listen with your eyes Listen with your ears And sing everything you see I can sing a rainbow Sing a rainbow Sing along with me
  3. I'm voting for the penguins...I like the way they walk and I'm quite into black and white at the moment!!
  4. I'm surprised they can afford the insurance in this economic clime...maybe the meerkats came up trumps!!
  5. Happy Birthday Joto!! Luv Sal. xxxx
  6. Solly I Missed your Birthday Sol!! Hope it was great! Luv Sal! xxxxxxx :banana:
  7. No.....but I would like to!! Did you have a great time??
  8. I'm thinking am I invisible?? :hihi:
  9. Me and Mr Darcy by Alexandra Potter I am not in the mood for reading anything 'too deep' at present. Do you like Chick Lit?
  10. after he had had got rid of the olives and made a mental note to himself to remove the stones next time before putting them in his mouth he realised that the the streets of London were not
  11. I'm thinking how does that work??
  12. Not if I can help it! What was the last book you read??
  13. which needs painting...off he went to town to get some paint and brushes but on the way he
  14. I shall just look noncommittal and maybe no one will realise how much my false moustache is itching!!
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