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  1. A bit off topic but does anyone have a weekend number for removal of a dead owl? Poor thing has flown into a bus stop. It's pretty messy and distressing to see , I'm a bit concerned about children coming across it .All usual numbers are unavailable. Apologies if this is an inappropriate post for this forum. Thanks
  2. Ive not heard of them but thank you. ..that's what I'm looking for, someone who understands him and his problems. To be honest Bark Busters was the first thing that came up when I googled 'dog behavioural help' Thank you
  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply everyone. I shouldve said what the problem wasbut I think iI'd have probably burst into tears if I'd had to write it down earlier. Its a behavioral problem with a 6 year old cross breed. He has all kinds of issues but has recently started to be aggressive with us He came to us at five weeks old with horrific bowel problems and an awful skin complaint. The breeder told us he was nine weeks but I only found out on his first of msny vets visits that he was just a tiny baby of five weeks. So, he missed all the socialising he would have got at that point and i do believe thats att the root of it all. Without going into too much detail (I'll be here all day!) we've reached a point where his behaviour is affecting day to day lifr. Its come to s point where the simplest actions can result in aggressive snapping...I honestly think he would bite me given the chance. He has to have a sedative to be groomed, they've refused to trim his nails. Giving him treatment for an eye infection comes close to lion taming! We need help!! I need someone who can tell us how to fix this little dogs issues...its tearing my family apart
  4. Desperate for advice and help with our dog. I'm at my wits end with his behaviour (not his fault) Has anyone used or had experience with Bark Busters? They were the first option that came up when I typed it into Google. I don't have a lot of money to spare, is the service expensive? Thanks
  5. What the hell is wrong with the guy who stood and watched this taking place?? He didn't have to put himself at risk by intervening. ..he could have just picked up the phone! !@ I can understand people being fearful of a group of thugs but at some point society is going to have to stand up to this behaviour and be counted. Im sorry, tantrum over...I found this story unbelievably distressing
  6. Thanks to everyone for the extremely constructive advice and comments Our dog had a horrible experience with his first cut which i think is why he's such a nightmare with groomers, I get really embarrassed and a little ashamed by the reaction of some groomers. I now give him a relaxant from the vets and that helps a bit. I did visit posh paws to chat about whether they thought they could cut him. I knocked on the door a few times, a lady came to the window, looked at me then walked away ...twice! She couldve just told me if they were closed. I just thought it was a bit rude and not a very good first impression. Thanks again for the help
  7. Thank you so much guys, I feel a bit less stressed already!
  8. Personal recommendations needed. This is such a stressful event for our wee dog, he needs a calm person with a lot of understanding Thank you :-)
  9. What the heck is going on with City cars this weekend? ? An hours wait for a cab yesterday, 45 minutes waiting time today. ...really? ? :mad Call centre operators cant offer an explanation, not their fault I know, but for someone who can't use a bus service, this weekend has been a bit of a nightmare Moan over
  10. Ive had 4 visits this week....4!!!!! Its beginning to feel a little bit like harrassment
  11. Can anybody recommend a service engineer for a faulty Indesit built in cooker. Need one asap! Thanks
  12. Does anyone know where I can catch the 41 bus on or near Birley Spa Lane while the road works are taking place next week? Or failing that does anyone have a link to information? Thanks
  13. Just to clarify...these people arent refusing to pay the costs, theyre simply waiting for the insurance company to pay up. The FD knows this. And this wasnt some lavish affair or a case of someone 'buying' something they couldnt afford..it was a simple funeral as requested by the deceased.
  14. Thank you cgksheff for your very useful reply I asked the original question after talking with a friend who has this dilemma. We did actually both wonder what the funeral directors actions would be if this had been a burial instead of a cremation!!!
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