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  1. there are plenty of self help groups on facebook...i know its not face to face but there is usually any amount of fellow sufferers at any time of day to provide help or an ear x (fellow sufferer.)
  2. lol well old this forum but yes uncle Mick and Uncle Pete where there too !
  3. just come past a very bad accident at Anston...traffic lights:(
  4. just pondering.... presently i have sky TV BT broadband and phone.... and a new 4K tv Having just heard of sky's impending price rise, im wondering if moving totally to BT is a better option ? thoughts folks ?
  5. ooo never been there will have a wander down...we struggle to find anywhere that sells them..can you remember what sizes they are ? they are going into an existing tank so if they are too small they are just food !
  6. anyone know any shops selling chiclids fish anywhere near sheffield or worksop ? regards
  7. im a cfr who stopped before the paramedic rrv arrived....biker was swearing his head off suffering from some back issues but nothing "life threatening" he said his bike was only 6 months old !
  8. anyone see the biker accident at the aston motorway roundabout yesterday ? rush hour time
  9. anyone know what happened in this ? road shut for ages
  10. ok im picking up famkily from manchester airport....but ill be towing a small trailer for the luggage.....ive seen on their site that no trailers are allowed in their car parks.....im sure im not the only one with a small trailer ? where would you park while you waited for arrivals ? thanks
  11. thinking of moving to worksop.....whats the crime rate like ? cheers
  12. where can i get a desktop fan ....there is a world shortage lolol
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