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  1. Thanks for the comments, will check out the ideas. Thanks
  2. Hoping for a bit of help on this one. Been wanting to find out a bit of history and what ships my grandad was crew on during the second world war. Unfortunately as he is no longer with us I can not ask and I am unable to find even his service number or how I would get his record. If anybody has any experience or ideas for me they would be gratefully received.
  3. I have been given the task of finding a limo for my daughters prom in June. I am looking for any companies you may have used that were good/reliable and also what sort of prices you paid. only looking for a one way trip for probably 1/2 hr - 1hr thanks for any help you can provide Pie
  4. This is a portion of the press conference Dr Sonia Sharp, executive director of Children and Young People's Services on Sheffield Council, said: "What is very clear in this case is there is not a single big omission or big act that we can say 'Yes, it was that person'. "What we can see, systematically, is time after time after time there were groups of people that failed to take action." Prof Cantrill added: "For some professionals, I honestly believe they got quite stuck around this situation. They didn't know how to handle it." So instead of 1 or 2 people not capable of doing their job we have loads of them, all still employed (nobody sacked) doing the same job, I wonder how many other cases these incompetent people have missed.
  5. Ive just been listening to radio 5 and they are talking about funny comments (or not so funny) from your teachers on their school reports. Has anybody got any comments from their schooling to share?
  6. :) I am planning to go to take some photos around Sheffield this weekend. I am looking for any ideas that YOU may have for works of art in Sheffield. I took a few today (old suggs shop(steel worker?), sculptures at barkers pool, and a few of the buildings and monuments. :help::help: So if you have any ideas let me know. (I may put them on if they are any good) Thanks for any help:help:
  7. looking to go out tonight but short of ideas as usual. does anyone know of any live music, comedy night or a good quiz in or around Sheffield/Rotherham. thanks for any ideas :help:
  8. After yet another heavy Christmas I am now in need of a good slimming club. If you attend a club or know of a good one could you let me know. Anywhere in the Handsworth side of Sheffield would be best but any recommended club would help. thanks pie
  9. There is a shop for rent at Woodhouse on the main row of shops on Cross street. I am interested in what you think is missing at the moment, what would you like to see. thanks for any feedback Pie
  10. Mark + Janet I have just read through your thread for the first time and it brought back many memories of my twins born prem in 2000. Lucy who only lived for 1 hour and Chloe who lived for a month. I admire the way you have been able to express your feelings, (something i could not do) and send our best to you and your family The memories never fade
  11. we need beheading in the peace gardens every weekend
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