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  1. jad279 I spent many a night at Wooley Edge after the Wap or Penthouse. Can you remember a biker from Barnsley called Ogri? Have I got it right that you're called Jim? I still can't place you but my husband Kenny remembers you. It's nice to reminisce about those times but a shame my memory has gotten so hazy.
  2. Kenny does remember you Steve. Kenny hasn't changed much, he's still a character, still follows Barnsley and still likes his beer. He's put a bit of weight on and lost most of his hair but you'd still know him if you saw him. I moved to Barnsley and it took ages for me to pick up the lingo. They speak a different language to us that's for sure although I think I'm pretty fluent now. We haven't seen much of the other Barnsley lads either, other than Baz who we see knocking around Hoyland occasionally. Boz still lives locally but is like a recluse and we haven't seen him for years. The last we heard of Budgie he was still living in Sheffield and still with Sue and I think Mick moved to Scotland. Well done, 36 years wed is quite an achievement.
  3. The barmaid you and Steve remember was probably Molly, a pretty girl with lovely long, dark, wavy hair. I'm sure I must have known you then but can't place you yet. Who did you knock around with? Did you used to go to the Woolley Edge Services? I think you've got who I am now. Yes, I used to be in with mates but not always the same ones. I can't remember the last time I was in any of those pubs - well over ten years ago but we usually saw a few people from the old days. Sad to think of the Wap, our bit of history, no longer being there. Have you seen it since it has been demolished? I think I would burst into tears like I did when I saw they'd knocked the Albert down. ---------- Post added 12-02-2017 at 07:20 ---------- [/color] do you remember the barnsley lads that started coming in the minerva kenny,baz,bez,budgie and mick. we became good mates with them all and had some good nights in barnsley after that. Yes, of course I remember the Barnsley lads. In fact, a few years after my first marriage ended in divorce, I was on a rare night out and bumped into Kenny who was on a stag do. We celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in September.
  4. hi merrydown,i'm sure we did know each other ,did you have dark wavey hair,was it late 70's you worked behind the bar ? there were so many regular faces i would see,have a chat too but not know names,it didn't seem to matter,from 75 i was in there almost every night.nelson first then fri&sat on to penthouse !! is your user name inspired by cider No, I had fair/blondish straight hair. I think it was around 78/79 that I worked behind the bar in the Wap but before that I worked in the Minerva for a few months. I think I started going in the Wap around mid 70s until the early 80s and usually stood down by the dj box. We usually met up in the Minerva, then down to the Nelson, up to the Albert until it closed down and then down the wap. I often went to the Penthouse too. You're quite right, my username is indeed inspired by what used to be my favourite tipple.
  5. I bought my afghan coat from Pippys too but it didn't last long. My mam heard they were coming into the country full of fleas so she took it into the garden and set fire to it. I'd only had it for a few weeks. Bothamlad, I think we knew each other back then? From the way you described yourself I'm pretty sure I knew you and I recognised several of the names you mentioned. I'm called Jean and worked behind the bar in the Wap for a while. I probably knew quite a few posters on this thread, if not by name but by sight if they frequented the Wap from mid to late 70s.
  6. Burtons had BHS on one side, then Dixon Lane, Woollies and the market on the other side. The co-op building was across the road, up King Street and opposite the ABC(?) cinema. There was a function room over the co-op but I don't remember a night club there. Could you have got your bearings a bit wrong Fidgety and be mixing the Penthouse up with Baileys nightclub?
  7. I worked at Burtons and can remember on at least two occasions, turning up for work on a Monday morning to see water coming through the ceiling above the stockroom area because a tap in the Penthouse toilets hadn't been turned off. The managers weren't happy about all the ruined stock and bespoke suits and I daren't tell them that's where I spent my Saturday nights.
  8. The last time I saw Sandra was in the early 70's, it was her first day working at a shop on Chapel Walk and she had just found out she was having a baby....
  9. Hiya Val, Jean (Haigh) here. I remember you, Sandra and Susan. Are you on Facebook. I'm in touch with Sue on there.
  10. How's this for a "small world" Dave.... A few years ago, on holiday in Turkey, I heard a woman's voice with the unmistakeable Sheffield accent so I turned around and asked, "Wheerz tha from?" "From t'Manor" she replied. Anyway, we got talking and it turned out she was Vicky Dell's daughter in law. Another time, we were at Butlins at Skeggy and one of the housekeepers came to check that everything was OK with our chalet. She was really chatty and friendly and all the time we were talking, she seemed familiar, as though I should know her. Just as she was about to go, I noticed her name badge - it was Marlene Bodell! A small world indeed! If you don't know who I am yet, I think I'll leave you guessing for a while. I was very quiet and shy and if my memory serves me right, you were my dancing partner when Miss Pilgrim used to take us for dancing, in the hall.
  11. Hi Dave. Well, at least if you've still got some hair, even if it's grey, is more than some of the lads will have left. I knew about Dave Straw passing away, he had a heart attack when he was still in his thirties. Sad to hear that Robert has gone too. Do you see or keep in contact with any of the others from junior school? I doubt I'd recognise most of them now. I do have contact with Susan Haywood and John Kenyon on Facebook though. I remember the last time I saw you was in the Elm Tree pub, you recognised me but I didn't you at first. That must be 35 years ago now.
  12. Hi Dave, yes I remember those names too, plus lots more but not sure whether they were all in our class or just in our year. I remember Mr Swift doing a science experiment that went wrong and he ended up wet through. Of course, we all cracked out laughing so he went round the whole class, giving us the slipper on the hand. At the end of the day he told me and Marlene Bodell to stay behind and he gave us both a packet of sweets. We must have been teacher's pets:hihi: and I think I had a bit of a crush on him after that. Do you still have your blonde hair?
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