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  1. my god i cant stop laughing . what the heck is this country coming too
  2. because they think they can , thing,s like this really iritate me i,v have told them they were rip off merchant,s on the phone
  3. report the evil person , they alway,s complain about the kid,s having no respect
  4. my youngest son has both there album,s and to tell the truth i can,t bear to listen to them , alex sing,s dreadfull there sound is un-original and there overated . they remind me of the beatifull south abit
  5. your being ripped of there tell your friend to leave , thats the best solution
  6. i,m looking to buy a new puppy for my two boy,s , prerferably york terriers . and don,t want to be ripped off
  7. i get it but my ex has half , it goes into my account
  8. i claimed for child benefit for my two boy,s but i let my wife have half cos she has them when i,m at work ,
  9. i think you didn,t get that i have child benefit but let my ex have my oldest ,
  10. well i claimed it but i let my partner have it for my oldest cos she has them when i,m working
  11. yes i was apalled at the thought of someone living of my two little boy,s , i,d rather give it to charity
  12. hello everyone anyone got any ideas here,s my story . i was at work recent when one of the women told me i should be gettign child tax credit,s because i,v got my two boy,s 90% of time , i filled in the forms and sent them off , they replied saying i couldn,t claim because someone else was and i found out it was my ex and her new partner, she hadn,t told them i have responsibility for them 95% of time . so i rang the tax credit,s back up and they just keep telling me it,s been moved to higher level and it,s been about 3 months now or more , it,s seems i,m banging my head against a brick wall
  13. thats terrible , but just show,s what the country is coming too
  14. what do they specialise in robbing people
  15. which garage is it if you don,t mind me asking
  16. it could be something just simple like disc brake rust . or sticking brake calipers
  17. 500 hundred pounds for a driveshaft , it takes alot to damage a driveshaft , the garage will be conning you i used to work in a garage and couldn,t beleve the trick,s they pulled ,
  18. ok thank,s anyway , i,ll just have to do more overtime
  19. does anyone know if your tax code should change if your a single parent dad , cos i,m still paying the same tax, and i,v tried to find the number i need to ring but it,s like trying to get through to god , i think i should be paying less or am i wrong ?
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