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  1. my god i cant stop laughing . what the heck is this country coming too
  2. because they think they can , thing,s like this really iritate me i,v have told them they were rip off merchant,s on the phone
  3. report the evil person , they alway,s complain about the kid,s having no respect
  4. my youngest son has both there album,s and to tell the truth i can,t bear to listen to them , alex sing,s dreadfull there sound is un-original and there overated . they remind me of the beatifull south abit
  5. your being ripped of there tell your friend to leave , thats the best solution
  6. i,m looking to buy a new puppy for my two boy,s , prerferably york terriers . and don,t want to be ripped off
  7. i get it but my ex has half , it goes into my account
  8. i claimed for child benefit for my two boy,s but i let my wife have half cos she has them when i,m at work ,
  9. i think you didn,t get that i have child benefit but let my ex have my oldest ,
  10. well i claimed it but i let my partner have it for my oldest cos she has them when i,m working
  11. yes i was apalled at the thought of someone living of my two little boy,s , i,d rather give it to charity
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