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  1. I'm meeting some relatives in Castleton in a couple of weeks as I'm passing through the area - can anyone recommend anywhere nice to eat there? Think it will be lunch time or early afternoon. Thanks in advance
  2. Wait 'til it comes on Sky 3 on Freeview
  3. I would say TomTom One. Good value and ideal as first Sat Nav. Easy to use and update. Never had any probs with mine. As with all Sat Navs, remember to use in conjuction with common sense.
  4. If anyone remembers a Director of Don Vale Steels and/or Barworth Flockton, by the name of Erich Driesbach, from the '60s and '70s, a friend of mine would like to hear from you. Please reply or PM.
  5. I would ask the same question. I live in a flat and the bloke downstairs often plays his music (if you can call it that) very loudly. I set in motion a complaint with the local Council and he approached me the next day to say if ever he plays it too loud, just bang on the floor and he'll turn it down. It later transpires the bloke works for the council in the parks dept, so they must have tipped him off before the complaint started formally! Anyway, just goes to show it can sometimes work talking to them - I think not many people talk to their neighbours anymore!
  6. A pal of mine had a car stolen this morning (Thu 8th July 2010) at approx 5am from Olive Grove Road, Sheffield, near the DOT MOT garage and bus garage. It is very distinctive in that it is a Mk I Granada in Red, reg number UWT 84R, which was for a restoration project. If anyone can help with any info please contact me via PM or call or text the owner (Andy) on 07732 433207. CCTV shows the young looking culprits turning up in a dark colour Volvo Estate car, no further info. Many thanks.
  7. I went there last week with some family and friends, as I don't live in the area any more, and was pleasantly surprised. I had Kakra Chop for starters, which was Minced Crab meat with onions and spices, served inside a light dome made of a light crisp pastry. It looked like something from outer space. Delicious. Main was Zara's House Special Chicken, which was hot for me, but very tasty. The Pershwari Naan bread was to die for, it melted in the mouth. The pickle tray that came with the popadums was also fantastic. As well as the usual 4 pickles you get in any indian, mango chutney, lime pickle, etc, they do their own 4 pickles using a selction of spices, all served in contemporary pots on a long thin plate. The interior and decor is comfy and welcoming and the staff attentive and knowledgable. It aint the cheapest Indian in Sheffield - but as with most thing in life you get what you pay for, would def recommend. 9/10
  8. I will be needing a taxi from Meadowhall Interchange to Herries Road, Wordsworth Ave Junction, on Boxing Day. Any suggestions or cost details would be welcome.
  9. Some people may say Cigarettes and alcohol are a waste of money. Whatever floats your boat I suppose. Not a fan of 'select' number plates on cars, which are more often than not just to boost the ego of their driver, but I can appreciate the value of select plates on commercial vehicles, where they can be used to support and promote company branding etc. I especially like this use on the vehicles of Pimlico Plumbers in London, where each of their vans carries a plate relating to water.
  10. Tower now gone to shop for repair, will await with interest...
  11. I found that most tunes I have transferred from laptop to Tocco Lite would not play, as it requires you to download the 'license'. These were tunes off different albums. I don't particularly wish to pay any fees at this time. What do work, however, are any tunes off the 'Now....' compilation CDs, which I have copied across from CD to laptop, then laptop to Tocco Lite.
  12. Respected journalist and former commentator James Allen is publishing an annual F1 review book, starting with 2009. You can order it here: http://tinyurl.com/ylzalfe
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