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  1. The Wednesday match is not there tonight tho, would they still use them when pitch is not being used?
  2. Garrison , white tablecloths sort of place also have seen lots of senior parties held there , also have lunchtime events with yesteryear singers
  3. Hard to tell where , more like bottom end of walkley lane
  4. The sky appears to be orange, is there a big fire around Hillsborough??
  5. Just passed through our garden on their way to who knows where!
  6. top of the pops ....then I may stand a chance of keeping up with new music:hihi:
  7. Photo page 11 , ok none of us are getting any younger:( I was guilty of having tartan sewn onto most of my clothes many years ago, but what made me laugh was the statement " we are coming back to say thanks to the fans that were there when Les was 17, Woody was 16 and Alan was 20" As they are coming back to thank us do we presume the tickets will be very cheap? and that they are not just skint ! hands up who will be going
  8. i thought I read she had died didn't she live at lodgemoor? ---------- Post added 18-03-2015 at 09:50 ---------- looks like I am wrong as she has just retired from letter writing , sorry susan hope you are well!! http://www.thestar.co.uk/mobile/news/letters-opinion/i-think-my-letter-writing-days-are-over-it-s-time-to-move-on-1-7131595
  9. so are you one of these annoying people who find it necessary to say yes/yeah multiple times in reply to questions ? do you realise how silly it sounds , one positive or negative reply will do
  10. well was it just me who wasn't rolling on the floor bent double with laughter?
  11. if you love dried fruit and nuts , yogurt coated and all that have a look at poundlands new range, ( i don't work for them) £1 a bag obviously 150 grams and loads to choose from they are so expensive from the health food shops this is a great price.i bought almonds, cranberries and raisins ( mixed bag) and indulgent fruit mix ( yogurt coated raisins, chocolate coated raisins,cranberries, almonds,and cashews) ok more a treat than healthy but well worth a quid .
  12. confirm blackwells close their doors 13th oct saturday for the last time , half price sale on all stock .
  13. i understand this was all supposed to be confidential until signed, ironmonger hmmmm could you possibly be part of williamsons ? where do you get your info?
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