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  1. theres so many jobs in london i have already got 3interviews next week. in sheffield i spent 2years trying to find work and start a new life here. The only jobs i got were not suffucient enough to support me.
  2. Hey people I have lived here two years now, and achieved hardly anything. I found it very difficult to get a job here so many students taking all the jobs. Even in industry companies from leeds and manchester were contracted to work here and local jobs were minimal. I have decided to leave and go back to london now, i will miss sheffield and the people i met here who have been legends, and just the general sheffield attitude which is great, and an asset to your people of south yorkshire.
  3. jesus could not have been white anyway, he must have been like a tanned kinda guy with olive skin etc, as a matter of fact this argument is still in favor of that jesus looked more arab/asian than white, theres no way someone who lives in that neck of woods can be pure white like many of the english think. Never the less colour does not matter, i regard him as a messenger from god.
  4. you will end up with a club full of horny drunk guys and maybe a few girls, all that testerone in the air, fights are bound to happen.
  5. i have a car with a towbar and also its a diesel wnt cost you too much in diesel and labout for my time. give me a shout. thanks
  6. i like woodseats, i work there and its probably my fav place in sheffield. People are friendly and its nice to drive around there and go to the shops and the surrouding areas are nice as well like lowedges, gleadless, dronfield, norton, totley, dore. Even in the chavvy places of sheffield its still nice! Blackstock gets a bad name but isnt that bad.
  7. iv been on the old nicorette gum this year and got to say its bloody excellent stopped me smoking right in my tracks i dnt even need the gum no more!!
  8. I say we all unite and sign a petition to stop such wind in the future. We should have a gathering at the town hall in protest to this ridicoulous amount of wind. whos with me?
  9. im a student and i live near hendersons, and thought it was some sort of sauce didnt really think anything of it until i had some!! its amazing stuff i love it now!
  10. if you ever kept a dog, you would appreciate them and would not support this cruel sport. Even if you didnt have a dog and are against animal cruelty then greyhound racing is totally wrong!
  11. I have been a few times to greyhound racing, after i found out how creul it is i have stopped. The dogs are just killed when they are not required no more, or starved to death etc heres just one fact Dogs that have no propensity to kill are placed in cages at close quarters with rabbits. The trainers then deny the dogs food, starving them until hunger drives them to kill their caged companions. In this way, trainers awaken bloodlust in dogs that are non-violent by character.
  12. I am part of an future event and i personally own a good digital camera, but i need a professional camera that i can hire for the day. Does anyone know any companies or individuals in sheffield that can be off service? thanks
  13. food fayre was excellento!! the food was amazing i loved it soooo much.
  14. Ok, im not usually one for viral email passing on etc, but check this out. As some of you may know there are consulations going on about the idea of road toll charging by method of 'black boxes' placed within your car that log everything about your movements. Now, this would feedback what you have been upto and you would be charged according to the time of day and where you went. This is in my opinion a crazy idea. We already have a similar system of toll charging by fuel tax, the more we go the more fuel tax we pay so we dont need another. Plus with the ability to monitor your speed etc it would only be a matter of time before this info was used for other purposes. If you dont agree with this idea please sign the petition below. I have done so and I hope you do too. It would also help if this was passed onto other related sites etc if they have not seen this already.. http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/traveltax
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