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  1. I agree Carmen. Dear North Anston. An old saying is. You can take the person out of the place. But you cannot necessarily take the place out of the person. I was born at North Anston. Actually, Mill Lane. From the age of 6. My parents moved to Thurcroft. I hated it. I went to North Anston School. The one at the bottom of the hill. Near the Railway line. I have often been back to visit. But never lived there again. All the best to you sunshine.
  2. Hello StuartW. I was born at North Anston in the early 1950's. Then moved to Thurcroft in the early 1960's. Fosters also had the Contract for Thurcroft Secondary School. The Coaches that fascinated some of us. Were the ones with the Tail Plains at the rear of them. All the best to you, Ivan of Kath2ivan.
  3. Hello willybite. I have only just seen your thread. My Mother Vera Elliott was a direct descendant perhaps of the Frederick Elliott from Fulwood. He was her Grandfather. This Joseph who was mentioned could have been her Nephew. Joseph's Dad was Henry. He worked at the Express Dairy at Heeley. Frederick Elliott also owned Brookhouse Farm at Fulwood .He was also my G/Granddad.
  4. Hello. Could anyone tell me about the Open Air School at Bents Green please? My Grandma Maria Elliott told me that my Mother, Vera Elliott went there in the 1930's. They lived at Hangram Lane Farm. What was the School all about? I am researching the Elliott Family History.
  5. Has anyone got any information about the Steam Mill just off Mill Lane North Anston.
  6. Does anybody know of any Mysteries, Myths and Legends.Of the Norton, Coal Aston and Dronfield areas?
  7. Hello Willybite. You have answered us previously on the another subject about local history. But what I am really researching is the Ghosts around Norton. There has been seen a Victorian looking Gentleman in the Jordanthorpe area wearing a Top Hat and Long Coat, simply taking a gentle stroll.Have you heard anything about it please? Hence the subject of local history.
  8. Hello fatrajah and abbeyedges Thank you both of you.You have confirmed our information about the Stone Quarry.My wife tells me that the original road is the one which runs in front of the Red Brick Cottages.
  9. Hello fatrajah and willybite Thank you to both of you. This is valuable information.
  10. Hello Does anyone know the history of Batemoor and Jordanthorpe before the modern estates were built? Victorian times perhaps? Local Characters?
  11. Hello victormh Thank you for answering. At that time late 50's early 60's I was attending Anston Brook School in the bottom by the side of the Railway bridge. Respects Ivan
  12. Hello mikeG Yes it is The Loyal Trouper. The Leeds Arms is a little further down the road. Where The Cutlers is at North Anston was an open field where the Fair went on at The Pond. Ivan
  13. Hello. I was born at North Anston near Dinnington. Went to Anston Brook School in the late 1950's - early 1960's. Is there anyone on here from there at that time period? Ivan of kath2ivan
  14. Hello grannypat It is a pleasure to speak to you love.I agree that the World seemed simpler then. I will pass on the message to Julie. Kathleen.
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