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  1. Hi Chris Yes I remember the song well, happier and simpler times than today's. Cub night was always on a Wednesday night if I remember and as you say we used to go either to the chippy after or Mrs Tudor's shop and probably buy a bag of tiger nuts. Remember when we had the two day expedition to Ecllesall Woods one school holiday, you, me and Fungi, taking the wood, hammer and nails with us on the bus to build a tree house there. That's where your DIY career started Chris! Best regards Leipzig
  2. Hi Minimo If you google "Sharrow Residents 1961" (include the quote maks) you should find electoral lists for the area for 1961 - 1962, hosted by http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk site.
  3. From Kelly's Directory of Sheffield and Rotherham (1970): Greaves, Cyril H., M.B., Ch.B. physen. & surgn as WALLBUILDER says, up near the roundabout.
  4. Here is the scan from the 1970 edition, which may fill the gap. Regards Leipzig
  5. The majority of houses on Franklin Street were back-to-backs and existed on both sides of the street, but as you can see from this 1950s map (map 269), it is possible to differentiate the back-to-back properties.
  6. This was one of my favourite Christmas presents as a kid - brilliant game. The joy stick controlled a magnet under the board, which moved the vehicles about. I remember that you were instructed to lightly dust the board surface with talc to aid the movement of the cars and bikes. At a slightly earlier age I was given another game which worked on the same principle, except the board was designed to look like a black and white tiled floor. There were about 7 plastic crates, which had a horizontally hinged flaps at each end, which meant you could drive a small model of a pouncing cat through them. The idea was that a small mouse was hidden inside one of the crates, out of sight of the 'driver'. The player who discovered the mouse by entering the least number of crates was the winner.
  7. Dan Dare Radio Station, but frustratingly the wired walkie-talkies didn't work!
  8. Hi Cissy999 Electoral roll extract for Sharrow area 1961-1962 here I remember Mr James and his wife running the paper shop, he had the left hand wall of the shop, full of 6d bags of toys. I seem to remember an old chap had the shop before him, who had a glass display case with old wooden toys in it. Mr James wasn't there too long before he opened his first bike shop on Alderson Road, and then gradually expanded it, shop by shop, down Brammall Lane. You always had a difficult decision to make in Millership's shop. With 3d to spend, did you buy three things from the penny tray, or one thing from the tuppenny tray and one from the penny tray, other some other combination. I once went in there aged about seven, put my money on the counter but it rolled off. Couldn't for the life of me find where it had rolled to, until the owner said "have a look in the turnups of your trousers" - and there it was. Happy days. Regards Leipzig
  9. I hope you haven't been on a water meter all these years.
  10. True - but then again, yours is an openly biased opinion J.
  11. MR Dawson was a great guy, he had a real talent for quiet sarcasm, but sadly a terrible aim.
  12. If my memory sevres me correctly, they appeared on the TV talent show NEW FACES, which was presented by Marti Caine. They finished their act with J Wood jumping onto his double bass. I remember that there was a comment from the judging panel (Nina Myskow?), that the band's hair looked like polystyrene - which it did.
  13. Hi PopT The previous entry, before Albert Road in the Census schedule is Queen Street, so it may have been near there. However I had a similar problem, being unable to find Beeley Street at Darnall - reason being that it was later renamed. Regards Leipzig
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