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  1. Do you find that it restricts you from choosing an awful lot of products?
  2. I thought as much. Thank you for your reply - interesting stuff!
  3. Interesting responses - thank you. Surely though the production lines are contained in such a way to avoid contamination from dirt, bacteria etc - why can't the same be done for allergens (on one production line within a bigger factory)?
  4. They're filming an advert (not sure what for). There was a notice in the Postcard Cafe saying they would be closed for a few days because of this.
  5. That's a big step away from your previous claim that they have caused all of our social and economic problems...
  6. I've noticed that food labels now all have allergens listed in bold on the ingredients list which makes it a lot easier to spot them at a glance. However, something that still annoys me (even though I don't have any food intolerances myself) is how manufacturers can still get away with stating that their products *may* still contain certain allergens, or that the food has been manufactured in a factory where other allergens are also present. I was under the impression that there are strict controls over the manufacturing process and even the slightest deviation from product shape, size, formula etc can lead to a whole batch being pulled. How come manufacturers can't be sure that there aren't any allergens in the product? Can someone with experience in the industry shed any light?
  7. I like this idea from Sweden: https://www.wired.com/2010/12/swedish-speed-camera-pays-drivers-to-slow-down/ "As well as ticketing you when you run through a speed-radar too fast, Kevin’s “Speed Camera Lottery” also notices you when you come in at or under the speed-limit. It then automatically enters you in a lottery. And here’s the really smart part: the prizes come from the fines paid by speeders."
  8. Great! On the other hand, risking your life to stay in a war-torn country doesn't sound like the best of fun.
  9. How do you propose these people who have had their livelihood destroyed help out? Stick around and hope for the best when their lives are under threat?
  10. You learn something new every day! Aside from the money, then, I still take issue with the electricity that is being wasted.
  11. How have people got on after reporting street lights being on to the council? I reported it last week and haven't had a reply yet, and now everywhere I go I seem to notice more and more of them left on during the day. I wonder how much it's costing them!
  12. Yeah, but if you let the offer dictate what you buy (ie buy more stuff to qualify for the offer, shop at Morrisons in the first place when you wouldn't normally etc) then you are.
  13. Can't you just go out and buy a nice set of knives without giving Morrisons your life savings in the process?
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