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  1. Patronise you with what rubbish? The truth hurts sometimes. Fact -Several decisions by the councils planners have been overruled by independent adjudicators. You say this in your post. These decisions were made by people with supposed knowledge of the subject in hand. They made mistakes. They were wrong. Do they admit this? Not to my knowledge. As for being patronising, can I quote two of your comments to me in your above posts: - People like you criticise officers from a position of what knowledge? - people like you who just want to snipe at them Could I ask who 'people like me' are in your eyes? PS - Good to know your in good health.
  2. Calm down Planner 1. You don't work for the council now so won't be able to take months of paid sick leave. I criticise from a position of a member of the public affected daily by decisions made by people who you say avoid dialogue with the public and who are unwilling to accept any blame or criticism. Whilst my knowledge may not consist of formal planning qualifications are you saying this excludes me from making comments? The people who make these decisions on behalf of the public are accountable to the public, are they not? Decisions made by those in a 'position of knowledge', to use your term, have been found against by independent adjudicators. On several occasions. Perhaps we should let Star readers make decisions in future? Thay could hardly do a worse job, could they?
  3. So council officers do not want to engage with members of the public. No wonder the public treat them with with contempt. People post on here understand very well that council planning officials believe themselves to be perfect. Whilst accepting that keeping the city on the move will never be an easy task, the failure to accept any blame for mistakes and errors made grates with the public. Recent examples include incorrect signage at Hillsborough Tram Gate, Wicker Bus Gate, the Woodseats 'improvements' and wasn't one of the city's bus lanes found to have been operated illegally? People have genuine knowledge of the issues as we have to live with the planners decisions on a daily basis. Want to get from A to B? Easy - you just go via C, D and E because there is a tram/bus gate in the way.
  4. I'll have to give it some thought.......does Valentine Day still apply in leap years?
  5. With a second class stamp the cost goes upto 43p - that's nearly ten bob for a bloomin' card!
  6. The card costs abit more than I was expecting to spend.
  7. Think there are two parts to this discussion: 1 - Is the tax paid of £315,000 on profits of £1 million reasonable? Large companies pay tax at around 30% so the tax paid appears to be correct. 2 - Are the admin expenses of £11 million reasonable for a company with 26 employees? The accounts state that: - £2.285 million went on staff costs - £550,000 went on office rent - £300,000 on office furniture and equipment This leaves approx £8 million unaccounted for. Suppose he could have taken John Prescot and Eric Pickles out for a couple of meals.
  8. Agree it is probably all above board but is it ethical. The post I made was pointing out that the tax paid was £315,000 on a profit of £1 million (ie 30%). Some posters were thinking that tax of £315,000 had been paid on profits of £12 million, ie 3%. Now that would be questionable.
  9. The above is a little misleading in that although Tony Blair's company had an income of £12 million, the company had costs of running the business of £11 million, leaving a profit of £1 million on which £315,000 tax was paid.
  10. Just look at Labour MP's, supposed to lead by example but couldn't keep their snouts out of the trough.
  11. Totally agree. If in a couple of years time the shares are worth more than was paid for them Mr Hester will have done his job & his bonus will have been money well spent. Back to Ed Miliband though. Where was he a few years back saying to Gordon Brown lets not give Mr Hester a contract with bonus clauses in it?
  12. Ed Miliband is a joke, opportunistic and hypocritical. He's been on the news today slagging off the bonus awarded to the RBS chief yet fails to mention that it was his Labour Government that gave him the contract that entitles him to the said bonus.
  13. Course the Government is complicit in the bonus payments - that's why they apparently gave him a contract specifying what his bonus would be if certain targets are met. Obviously he must have met some of these targets, but not all, as he is getting two thirds of the bonus figure mentioned in his contract. It should be remembered that it was the the Labour Government, not the current one, that gave Mr Hester his contract.
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