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  1. is this open for beginners please and do you need to bring a mat.
  2. My son lost his passport on wednesday 12th march after a night out.Name of Waddingham last used Corp .Informed Corp and West street live no response as yet.
  3. My son is doing a Sheffield history project for university about the Tennant brothers and exchange brewery.Very little information at the moment. If anyone can help or has any information many thanks.
  4. My son plays football on a Friday on the pitches at Concord Park.Last Friday 4th Oct he had his phone and wallet nicked out of his bag which had all his Uni books.A few of the lads had the same thing done.Please be aware that there is a thief around the area and take care of your belongings.
  5. The Carlton on Attercliffe Road is open I'm a regular customer and yes it is in Attercliffe!
  6. We phoned dl services they came and moved some pipework ages ago for us .The boiler smoked when he switched it on so it looks like its burnt out.Quoted £950 for a main eco 30 fitted .The pipework with the old baxi can be used which is good so hopefully not to much mess.
  7. I have a baxi combi boiler .The heating and water are not working:confused:The reset switch has been set but it makes no difference.The red warning light on the flame symbol keeps flashing .Any advice or any good recommended engineers please.
  8. I work as a support worker, profound learning disabilities and challenging behaviour for the NHS it is a really good wage.I have had on going training for 3 years completed my diploma and have loads of qualifications .We have to be available to work christmas day etc as we are open 24 hrs 365 days a year be very flexible coming in at short notice covering shifts and work long hours.Support worker jobs vary as to what pay scale you get. Walking miles in the snow when everything comes to a standstill for a 10 day shift pattern is dedication enough lol
  9. Still looking for a salon doing lash extensions or offers on these.The ones that last a few weeks not party ones .
  10. Has the beauty salon changed hands or moved ??
  11. Thanks we will be there:)
  12. My mates birthday and we want to do something Monday night. Any live music? any ideas?
  13. Well I have had my microdermabrasion treatment.The staff at the salon were really lovely and made me feel at ease.The treatment wasn't painful at all and after I had a cooling brightening mask which was lovely.I relaxed for 20 mins.I was shown the crystals after which was a shock they were very grey with blackheads in them!
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