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  1. a friend of mine does these and I have seen his work - pm me if you want a contact number
  2. I've got a 7 year old who wants a computer for Christmas - he will only be using it to surf the web and play games downloaded from the web. Any suggestions as to a good budget desktop computer - budget maybe £250 to £300
  3. I was twenty-one years when I wrote this song I'm twenty-two now, but I won't be for long This is a Paul Simon lyric
  4. MOCO on West St is free to hire on evenings - call Mark on 2767474
  5. Is it true that Relish is closing down, and if so when?
  6. To rate him in Owens league at this stage is ridiculous, maybe when he's scored 100 goals in 3 seasons, and remember that the team owen played in was not great
  7. There are rumours that the Velocity tower may go a further 10 or 12 storeys. Are you in favour?
  8. Maybe someone should go to Anfield and install some videoconferencing facilities
  9. this is a great post - I was having the same discussion today - evryone was saying that Liverpool beat Newcastle last week with 10 men because Momo was so dire. he looks absolutely rubbish and his awareness and passing is third rate, but if I was an opposition player I would hate to play against him because he has these telescopic spaghetti legs, and you can't get away from him. He's one of the best breaking up players in the league, but playing him is a defensive option, which should not be taken at Anfield, but maybe in some away ties. His poor distribution is only surpassed by Hyppia's, and Carragher is no Alan Hansen, so to get the best out of Sissoko you need to have some centre backs who can distribute the ball and make the extra man in midfield (Agger is a bad miss). Barcelona were allegedly considering a circa £14m bid before the season started, and although he would not please the purists at the Camp Nou he would do a good job of protecting their back four.
  10. Moco is the place - great coffee and great cakes / pie
  11. It's a brilliant post apart from the bit about going public - why did he need to do that? What is Rick Parry for?
  12. Jose would take the job, end of story, but he is not a Liverpool manger - too controversial
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