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  1. Can anyone recommend a Painter and Decorator. I need someone to re-decorate my hall and stairs.
  2. I seem to remember going downstairs to Spiers display counters but I may be wrong. I bought my lovely little leather bag and gloves for our wedding, which coincidentally was 4/12/1965 so it’s our 55th Wedding Anniversary today.💝🍾
  3. I’m looking for someone to repair or replace my iron guttering and would appreciate recommendations from anyone who has had any guttering work done.
  4. 24, I don't think I’ll ever forgive Keifer Sutherland for not giving Jack a happy ending.
  5. John Prine, the great singer/songwriter died yesterday from Covid 19. He wrote some of my favourite song, Paradise, Angel From Montgomery and his wonderful risqué In Spite Of Ourselves. RIP.
  6. I hope you don’t mind but I have copied the school photograph and sent it to Jody, Frank’s daughter and she is thrilled she hadn’t seen it before, so thank you for posting.
  7. The only Pub I know that backed onto Princess Street from was The Rawsons Arms but that was 165-175 Attercliffe Road. The pub you are searching for must have been on the other side of the arches further towards Town so couldn’t have backed onto Princess Street, it was probably backing onto Greystock Street. There was a pub called The Railway on Lovell Street that backed onto Princess Street but that’s obviously not the one you want. I lived on Princess Street from1943 but I can’t remember a pub there, it may have been before my time.
  8. We use this roundabout several times a week and think it’s working very well, it has stopped the problem of turning right out of Birley Spa Lane onto Moss Way.
  9. I used to call in there for a coffee with my friend Joan before we went to the Wrestling over the road in Somme Barracks
  10. Absolutely not, just giving what is an alternative lifestyle choice that other religionist could follow.
  11. Alternatively they could have chosen to live in ghettoish segregation and accuse anyone, such as the detractors and ridiculers on this thread, of being a Jehovahaphobic bigot.
  12. We bumped into Kenny this morning in at Crystal Peaks, he looks great and is in fine fettle, I did take a picture but sadly don’t know how to upload it ?
  13. Frasier is my very favourite comedy show, superb script and excellent actors, Martin and Eddie were a delight to watch. RIP
  14. God help me, I’m being forced to listen to Blond on Blond, Bob Dylan is the worst singer EVER
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