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  1. We use this roundabout several times a week and think it’s working very well, it has stopped the problem of turning right out of Birley Spa Lane onto Moss Way.
  2. I used to call in there for a coffee with my friend Joan before we went to the Wrestling over the road in Somme Barracks
  3. Absolutely not, just giving what is an alternative lifestyle choice that other religionist could follow.
  4. Alternatively they could have chosen to live in ghettoish segregation and accuse anyone, such as the detractors and ridiculers on this thread, of being a Jehovahaphobic bigot.
  5. We bumped into Kenny this morning in at Crystal Peaks, he looks great and is in fine fettle, I did take a picture but sadly don’t know how to upload it ?
  6. Frasier is my very favourite comedy show, superb script and excellent actors, Martin and Eddie were a delight to watch. RIP
  7. God help me, I’m being forced to listen to Blond on Blond, Bob Dylan is the worst singer EVER
  8. I think Bob is recovering from his back/neck problem and hope to be back this year. You are so lucky to be at that concert and I am really really jealous ?
  9. Bob Seger and The Everly Brothers sadly I’m to late for Don and Phil but I might yet get to see Bob Seger.
  10. There was a major sewer project in that area a few years ago, I understood that it was completed but could be wrong.
  11. If Richard wants John Rileys memories of that night ask him to give us a call he has our number. ?
  12. I stopped watching Coronation Street and Eastenders years ago but do record Emmerdale, I think the characters are so much more pleasant, the qualiity of the acting is better and I find I enjoy one or more of the storylines and just fastforward through the others.
  13. Many years ago I worked in the little fruit stall situated near the steps in the side entrance of Castle Market, Jack (I can't remember his surname ) rented that and a larger stall on the ground floor. I found him to be a good boss unlike his obnoxious son Phillip.
  14. The point was to start a discussion which he did, everyone who joined in seemed to enjoy the thread until your miserable post. I am sure he wasn't "gloating" neither was anyone else.
  15. My OH is 72 and still plays drums and sings in a Rock'n'Roll band, we have to keep enjoying life as long as our old bodies allow.
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