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  1. Hi, Regarding your quest to find your cousin, well some years ago I knew a solicitor of the name you're wanting to contact, he was a partner in a solicitor based in Bank St. Sheffield, The solicitors name was Favell Smith & Lawson. Perhaps that would be a good place to start!
  2. Interesting thread this! if we look further back in history, & considering the names of other streets & roads in the area, and the fact that the Scots, many of whom came down to find work here, refer to turnips as Neeps could the area around this part of Sheff have been an agricultural area a long time ago in the past. Any thoughts?
  3. Well here we are again folks, it's clock advancing time again. Does anyone think that this ritual, started during the last world war, is still appropriate? does it still have relevance in this day & age? when most of the population are likely to have some sort of electrical/electronic equipment, which may or may not be able to update its time automatically, & if not, will mean changing everything manually, & surely the benefit of lighter evenings are outweighed by the darker mornings! I'm not sure, what do you think?
  4. Don't remember the one on Burngreave Rd, but I recall the one that was on Heely Bank Rd, about that time.
  5. The first Chinese I can remember was the Zing Va which was on the Moor, left hand side going down, that would have been sometime around 1960ish, it was when you could drive down the Moor & even park your car at the kerbside. There was another on the junction of London Rd & Abbeydale Rd but I can't remember the name of that one.
  6. Further to this topic, it's interesting to note that bullerboy's bike was registered AWB, & my bike (a1959 Shooting Star) was registered AWA. numbers before letters, I'm presuming that you allready know the lettering sequences used by Sheff. at that time!! I believe that these letters were used only for for bikes! non appearing on cars or other vehicles, that may or may not be correct! but if you look on Wickepedia there is a list of all registration letters used by the various authorities at that time.
  7. Yep RJRB spot on, George Quibell it was, nearly right Eh.
  8. Ah yes them were the days! lived on leppings lane at that time,( around 1968/9,) went into the "Dial" most nights, wasn't there a chap who was reputed to be a top class snooker player in there? the name George Twybell comes to mind ( could be right, I'ts been a long time you know) As well as the snooker room I remember getting a table tennis table set up in an upstairs room that was decorated in all sorts of weird garish colours, like a disco or something with a lot of black & strange paintings on the walls, there was of course ordinary flourescent lighting as well & a few members would go up there to play table tennis at night. Anyone remember that???
  9. I was there on the day, standing on the now ill fated steps at the leppins lane end, I seem recall Jack Whitham scored three of Wednesday's goals, don't know the crowd size though!
  10. Ah yes Walter Wragg Wellington Street, back in 1959 (I think) my dad bought me a brand new B.S.A. 500cc Shooting Star motor bike from the said W.Wragg. I can see it now, there was a large showroom window full of these very desireable gleaming new machines. The showroom stretched from Carver St. to Cambridge St. (or thereabouts). If you were to stand in wellington St. facing the ramp up to the car park of the hotel (is it still there?) you would be just about looking at where the showroom window was.
  11. Ah yes I remember it well (to repeat a well known phrase) I too worked here, driving eight leggers, delivering aggregates, other names that might jog the memory Dennis,(garage manager) Alan, Dick, Gordon (welder), Gerald (stores) other drivers Paul, David, Keith, Javid, not to forget another Dennis (maintainance fitter, AKA gunner) plus many more I simply can't remember. Oh happy days!!!
  12. Try looking on U.K.Campsites.co.uk, You'll find just about every campsite in the country on there, with full details, maps, directions, prices & reviews etc. etc. etc.
  13. Has anyone noticed, how many T.V. adverts for new cars seem to feature left hand drive cars? It makes me wonder, if this is a serruptitious, sneaky way for European car manufacturers to slowly lull us Brit's into the idea that maybe we should be thinking about changing to LHD cars, thus reducing their build costs, and perhaps even considering a future change to driving on the right. What do you think????
  14. The cafe at the bottom of Marion road (Kate's Kaff) ended it's life when the council decided to dig up Middlewood Rd to build "Supertram" We owned it at that time & it finished it there & then, no recourse, no compensation, nothing! so we went out, got jobs, & survived, sold the property and moved out, now living in Lincolnshire.
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