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  1. I looked round there for a venue for my wedding, I can just remember these gigantic blue chairs like thrones, are they still there?!
  2. I love it! It's so much fun trying to work out where they are all the time, I can see others on here think that too! I only recognised sparrow flats which featured a lot last series and though I saw Greenhill area too. Sheff spotting aside, I love it as a drama.
  3. Different foods, taking advice, having a job, parents, health, being outdoors, confidence
  4. Thanks so much for other offers of taking the fish, I have however found someone nearby with a large tank who is happy to take it, which I think would be best to minimise moving it. I won't try this again don't worry!
  5. Yep totally serious, maybe I overthink things but I didn't feel comfortable keeping a fish and depriving it! It's the way it reacts so much to things it sees, I had no idea what little personalities they have, nor that they are supposed to grow quite large, but keeping them in a small tank stunts that. the tank has been getting cloudy really quickly too, it just isn't big enough. Good name btw!
  6. Hi a friend gave me a goldfish about 2 weeks ago. Since then i've been doing a bit of research about looking after them and have realised I can't give it what it needs in terms of space etc. I really want it to have a good home. If anyone has room for it, pm me please to arrange getting it to you Thanks
  7. I was going to suggest cocoa or fired arts too. I did fired arts when I was pregnant for my hen night, all my friends painted me a plate or mug based on a memory of times together and they're beautiful! We went for a meal after in La Luna next door, but you can take your own food in there. Looking for an excuse to try Cocoa!
  8. I've had a new car since Jluy and my brakes started making a grinding noise after the snow. I took it in and a mechanic drove around in it wiht me and kept putting the handbrake on and it seemed to get better. Then it started up again and (coincidentally) I got a flat tyre so took it back in and mentioned the brakes. They had a look and said they weren't worn and couldnt see anything and to wait until the pads needed replacing before having the discs changed. Then the salesman I bought it off came and said his did it sometimes and they get a bit of rust on which comes off with use. I use it everyday, not far, but still, should I just accept the noise? They rang today as a follow up satisfaction call and I said actually I wasnt happy there was still the noise so I'm taking it back in. I feel like I'm making a bit of a fuss though. If anyone has any bright ideas or advice please let me know!
  9. Sift sugar etc as well as the flour, don't open the oven to check them until it us just about time. Also if it is for a traditional cake there should be just a bit if jam in the middle and a dusting of icing sugar on top, nothing else.
  10. I'm really glad I work. I enjoy my job and would not like to feel that I had lost skills from taking so much time off for the children. I do 3 days as a teacher so have holidays off when my kids are off school. They love having time with their granny, childminder and friends on the days I'm working. They also see for themselves that I have a life and a brain that doesn't just revolve around them. Not only that, they see that I work to help others and do something valuable with my education and set an example to them about working hard. The money coming in means we can go on holiday, too, what's not great about that for the kids? Oh and they do share a room because they want to and I wouldn't have an 80 inch TV because they don't look nice. House work, food preparation, shopping and mending clothes was a full time job in the past. It isn't anymore, thank goodness.
  11. I would just feed wherever if the need arose! I really don't think people are that interested and although you were embarrassed by that comment it was a positive one. My daughter wanted feeding all the time and would scream her head off, no one ever said anything to me and if they had I would have found it funny to be honest, I mean only an idiot would be outraged by it as far as I'm concerned!
  12. OK, as one who waits in a queue and considers going up a merge lane a swift way of irritating everyone, (and this happens everwhere, not just Sheffield, I have noticed it more at roadworks on motorways when a lane gets blocked- there are always some bolshy drivers who leave it til the last minute to merge and they are often kept waiting by disgruntled queuers) if it makes no difference as you can only go through a particular point one by one, surely it is fairer to make a one line queue? How is it quicker to have two parallel lines that merge into one? SUrely the merging itself slows things down. It is only quicker for the odd person who comes round and gets in last minute, hence the idea that it's pushing in. I can see that the queue is longer and thinner, but how is having a fatter shorter queue more efficient? I love driving and am always thinking about the best way to do things and always use lanes the best way, so I'l genuinely interested in this.
  13. I breastfed both my children and it was definitely the best thing for me although I found it hard to wean my youngest- she really didn't want to give it up! Just do what's best for you and your baby, breast or bottle, don't feel any guilt and don't worry about what other people are doing or let someone else tell you what to do.
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