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  1. Kabooby camel, l remember him.....l believe l made him cry one day..... he tried to bully the smaller kids and used to sling the micrometres etc across the desk. Mr Cawthorne had the Rocker looks.... I was there in 78 - 79 with Pete Carter, Nick Slater, Dave Carson, Craig Wathall, Big Roger with the red hair.... we used to spend all my time in the Inspectors office for pranks !
  2. For information regarding hire of the William Sutton Community Hall on Dunella Road, please contact Reesh or Karen at All About You on 0114 265 4165 or email enquiries@woodthorpedt.co.uk All About You manage the building on behalf of Clarion Housing Group.
  3. I am currently working with a group of young people from the Woodthorpe and Lower Manor areas as part as a Community Ambassador Project. We know through our research that there is hardly any informative books written about Woodthorpe and its history. We have found a lot of newspaper articles but we would also like "real stories" from older people in the area to get a real feel of what life was like on the estate 40/50/60 or more years ago as well as photos of the area etc that you may have. Our ultimate aim is to put together a book detailing as much as we can about the beginnings of the area from the farms, Woodthorpe Hall, the building of the school, the Swimming Baths (still a sore point) and any stories relating to the hardships on the estate when it was built in the 30's. It is really important to us as a group of researchers to get local input as it is our history we want to uncover and share with future generations. we know we won't be able to cover everything but would love help piecing it all together. We intend to hold coffee and cake meetings at All About You (Charity in Woodthorpe) over the next few months. If you can help it would be really appreciated. You can either contact me by private message or call All About You on 0114 2654165 or email ryszard@woodthorpedt.co.uk
  4. Thank you very much for this...it's very helpful. Thank you. Thanks for your tip.
  5. I'm looking for recommendations on decent care homes in the Sheffield area, read lots of bad reviews and think although as a family we need to make our own judgements it would be nice to get the opinions of Forum members who have had previous experience. Yo may have to PM as l know the mods may not let you post directly on here. Thanks.
  6. Just seen this post....the OP seems to be in a "time warp", this law has been in place for years, plus from my own point of view, if you eat in a restaurant and café why should you sit there for FREE when someone has to wash the pots, clear the table and clean up after you! Makes sense to me to be fair, if they added the eat in price to your sandwich in the first place you would probably complain the sandwich was overpriced. remember the outlet pays VAT on eating in.
  7. All About You (Sheffield North) are a registered charity managing the Community Hall on Dunella Road S6. We will be holding a number of events during 2019 at the Hall starting with an Easter Fayre and Table Top sale on Saturday 13th April from 11am until 2pm. Local people are invited to sell their own goods/bric -a - brac at the event. There will be food and drinks, tombola and children's Easter themed activities on the day too. If you are looking to have a table at the event then contact All About You on 0114 2654165 or email ryszard@woodthorpedt.co.uk, tables cost £5 each with limited availability so it's a first come first served basis. We also hire the hall for meetings, activities, events, children's birthday parties, anniversary parties and family functions. The building has level access and a fully functional commercial kitchen. Reasonable rates for room hire. Contact All About You.
  8. Hi, The Community Hall on Dunella Road is now open for hire. You can book anything from an hour upwards at the Hall through All About You (0114 265 4165) a Sheffield based Charity newly managing the hall on behalf of Clarion Homes. there are currently a number of individuals and groups running sessions throughout the week but plenty of scope for others. Examples are; Health & Well being groups Yoga Exercise classes Local Youth Clubs Healthy eating & cooking classes (Sat 12 -2pm) Pop up Cafe (Wednesday 8am - 12 noon) If you need a space for a children's party or anniversary party etc let us know.
  9. No l didn't have you tried to get through to 101...45 minutes is the usual. Police drove past...no interest. It's in town...under 100's of cameras. If it was my responsibility to work with these groups l would deal with it. It will be the Councillors that complain when more and more people opt for Meadowhall, Barnsley or Doncaster city centre instead of our Third World City Centre.
  10. Saw the ultimate disgrace on Arundel Gate yesterday in front of the British Heart Foundation shop, it reminded me of a scene from Oliver Twist. There must have been about 20 "beggars/druggies/street drinkers" crowded round 4 people sat on the floor. On the pavement in a scruffy tracksuit top was a horde of (I can only surmise)stolen jewellery, tat such as bangles, rings, chains. When l say horde there must have been hundreds of items in the pile. The group were ranging in age from 15 upwards, all picking through the loot. They were partially blocking the pavement so it was inconvenient and l suppose to some quite intimidating as they were shouting and gesturing at each other. Most were drinking in the street which l thought is an offence in Sheffield City Centre. What l can't get my head round is why no Police were in the vicinity as it was quite obvious this group were up to no good. I perfectly understand the problem of homelessness in the city but this was 100% criminal behaviour in broad daylight and btw there were tags on alot of the jewellery too. I doubt buying jewellery in such proportions comes high on the priority to a homeless person. It's about time the Council with assistance from social Services and Police sorted this out. The City Centre is becoming less attractive by the minute. I spotted beggars/spice heads on High street, west street, Barkers Pool, Division Street, the Moor, Fargate and Haymarket, whilst in town too yesterday so approximately 50. Getting out of control methinks!
  11. He used to live across from the Ball Inn at Intake. Apparently he was a bugger for taking gadgets (Walkman's, radios apart), think his Grandad owned a Woodyard/Ironmongery across the road Hoylands. He was a nerdy kid but ok!
  12. Seen loads of these on Council estates round Sheffield, very unlikely these are going back. They have also been seen in Beeley Wood etc. Can't imagine the scheme will last long if they don't have thousands of bikes available.
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