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  1. Agent Orange..you don't get the point....it was free until a couple of years ago. I don't think it is a lot to pay either, however if you are only parked for 5 minutes it costs £2 too!
  2. Totally agree Baron. The road planners in this City couldn't plan a traffic route on a straight road. Until this is sorted there is no hope of things improving. The charge for car parking on Sunday was non-existent, then it went up to £1 all day, then £2 all day. I know this is a smallish charge but why is it necessary, l love shopping in town on a Sunday as it is quieter , but again greed is rearing its ugly head. All the side streets slightly out of the centre are now covered with Meters, it's shameful. Surely the Council should be encouraging people into the City Centre to shop, eat, drink, browse, relax and spend money but no they force you to drive into the city due to poor public transport, then restrict retailers from doing things to promote their businesses (e.g. tables and chairs on the street) and force you to pay restrictive car parking charges.
  3. I actually like the Moor and hopefully it will improve ten fold in the next few years but the Council need to make it easier to access by car...unfortunately our tram system is poor and doesn't go to the Moor or other areas we'd have liked it to go. Our bus services are slow, expensive and unreliable and so the only alternative is to use a car to access the City. If the Council allowed free parking on a Saturday for 2 hours or so at a time then people can get their shopping done in the city centre. The only draw back to having free parking on a Saturday for longer would be that it would encourage more people to bring their cars into the City Centre on football match days. Free parking is the key plus better shops, bars and restaurants that are free to use outside space if possible to give a more cosmopolitan experience.
  4. I'm not that keen on the new market either, however it is clean, has bright lighting and doesn't seem as full of scruffy or druggie types that frequented the Castle Market. When l was young in the 70's Castle Market and Sheaf Market were great places to go every Saturday....move forward into the 2000's and not only was the Castle Market filthy but 80% of the shops had closed, the other 20% were nearly all "fashion" shops selling expensive crap clothing. The place was full of beggars, druggies and scruffs, the Haymarket outside was full of dealers, prostitutes and "so-called" homeless people making it a place to avoid. I totally agree the City Centre is unattractive but when Meadowhall and all the other out of town centres opened and are still opening with FREE parking, accessibility and less grief the City will never compete. I do actually like town to shop because it is less crowded but until this crazy bunch running the City get to grips as to why the City centre is declining then unfortunately we will continue too see building going up that won't have tenants. On another note the Council have "frozen" out the Sleigh Bar this year due to charging extortionate rent and rates, again this will have a negative impact but the Cabinet can only see to the end of their noses, not the bigger picture!
  5. I dug my cellar out with my mate years ago. We had it all fitted out with lighting, loads of plug sockets and moved a lot of our annoying kitchen appliances down there, i.e. washing machine, tumble drier and deep freezer. The cellar has it's own ring main and has a fuse box and breakers down there too. Definitely sounds like your DIYer was a cowboy. Have it all checked out.
  6. The cooling fan should only come on when you switch the oven on surely in the first place. Most ovens have a dial with the different oven functions on and a dial that acts as a thermostat to heat the oven. There should also be an isolator switch on the wall (you would have thought) that says cooker on it. In the fuse box there is generally a separate fuse for a cooker or so l believe, I've never come across a modern fuse box without one, think it is the law now. I think my fuse is 32Amp. My best advice would get a Qualified Electrician to come and look at it, let a professional take charge.
  7. Personally l would like to see lots of changes:- less litter, more street bins in the suburbs like there used to be too, more police (with power to actually do something against these lawless people ruining lives on a daily basis), removing beggars and street drinkers and people creating havoc on drugs. Trams that go to where people need to go, i.e. Prince of Wales Road, Meadowhead, Fulwood, Ecclesall Road, Stocksbridge for example, buses that run on time and don't charge the earth, a new Council structure. Clean council estates with enforced actions against unruly residents, clean gardens, safer roads, more concentration on illegal and dangerous parking....wow the list could go on forever. I used to be proud to come from Sheffield but I think it is one of the scruffiest Cities and Towns in the country nowadays and it has one of the worst city centres too. What a shame. The only saving grace is that most of the people are the friendliest you could meet anywhere in the world!
  8. Kabooby camel, l remember him.....l believe l made him cry one day..... he tried to bully the smaller kids and used to sling the micrometres etc across the desk. Mr Cawthorne had the Rocker looks.... I was there in 78 - 79 with Pete Carter, Nick Slater, Dave Carson, Craig Wathall, Big Roger with the red hair.... we used to spend all my time in the Inspectors office for pranks !
  9. For information regarding hire of the William Sutton Community Hall on Dunella Road, please contact Reesh or Karen at All About You on 0114 265 4165 or email enquiries@woodthorpedt.co.uk All About You manage the building on behalf of Clarion Housing Group.
  10. I am currently working with a group of young people from the Woodthorpe and Lower Manor areas as part as a Community Ambassador Project. We know through our research that there is hardly any informative books written about Woodthorpe and its history. We have found a lot of newspaper articles but we would also like "real stories" from older people in the area to get a real feel of what life was like on the estate 40/50/60 or more years ago as well as photos of the area etc that you may have. Our ultimate aim is to put together a book detailing as much as we can about the beginnings of the area from the farms, Woodthorpe Hall, the building of the school, the Swimming Baths (still a sore point) and any stories relating to the hardships on the estate when it was built in the 30's. It is really important to us as a group of researchers to get local input as it is our history we want to uncover and share with future generations. we know we won't be able to cover everything but would love help piecing it all together. We intend to hold coffee and cake meetings at All About You (Charity in Woodthorpe) over the next few months. If you can help it would be really appreciated. You can either contact me by private message or call All About You on 0114 2654165 or email ryszard@woodthorpedt.co.uk
  11. Thank you very much for this...it's very helpful. Thank you. Thanks for your tip.
  12. I'm looking for recommendations on decent care homes in the Sheffield area, read lots of bad reviews and think although as a family we need to make our own judgements it would be nice to get the opinions of Forum members who have had previous experience. Yo may have to PM as l know the mods may not let you post directly on here. Thanks.
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