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  1. Not a great fan of Boris or the Tories to be honest, but how would you handle this major crisis? All you pub politicians and key board warriors wouldn't have a clue either, this is a unique world catastrophe, Boris Johnson is just "the driver" not the navigator, mechanic and support team on this Rally. Everyday there are new challenges, l for one wouldn't like to be in his position. If people have better strategies then perhaps "they should step up to the plate" and run for prime minister, then hopefully run the country!
  2. I was in Lidl on the Manor on Sunday, l always pick up veg for the Sunday dinner after playing football in the morning, usually there is me 4 or 5 other customers and the checkout staff. This week there were between 200 - 300 people in the store with full trolleys, and l mean full. On entering the store there was a sign limiting people to 3 of any item, however staff were having to take goods off people that had 3 or 4 times more than was expected to be in their trolley's. One thing I did notice is that a very small proportion of the customers represented the demographics of the local area. By the way this was an observation and in no way meant to be read as anything other than that.
  3. Paypal are great at resolutions. You ought to name and shame the person/company on Social Media and get them closed down.
  4. It was never on fire, a charity shop on the Barracks burned...smoke went into Morrison's. Spoke to a woman on the till this morning. Sheffield...crappy Star again misinformed the world!
  5. I live on a road that has recently suffered from people dropping kids off at school and one guy parking a long-wheel base transit on the grass verge. The grass is so churned up there isn't any grass left, not only that the pavements are covered in thick mud. The road has huge muddy tyre marks on it too. People on the road had spent years making decent grassed kerbs neat and tidy for them to be totally wrecked with huge swathes of mud all over the drop kerbs and tarmac.
  6. Russia, Boers, Polish, Chines, DR Congo, Angola....we have seen millions and millions be wiped out by their enemies, 6.5 million is small at the side of the massacres by Mao and Stalin of their own people during their reigns of tyranny, the forgotten holocausts!
  7. Glad to see the back of her...i would also like to see a complete change of all the Labour Councillors completely, there has been the same Council in place for so long they just keep on with the same practices and do the same as they did, fund the same organisations even though they know they aren't the best ones. It would be good to start from scratch , review every single department of the council...all the people and companies supplying services and build efficiency, value for money and competency to actually hold contracts. There are far too many people in jobs for life...taking huge salaries and leaving us...the population with poorer public services than we had 50 years ago.
  8. Perhaps your wife's old car Reg Plate has been cloned! Just a thought...it is really common place nowadays.
  9. Didn't see one drunk....just lots of people enjoying themselves in the temporary bars, pubs and in the street. The food at most places was cheaper than l saw in Sheffield too. Beer was the same price in the temporary bars. Sheffield has gone down everywhere, it's ok putting up fancy buildings etc but they need real tenants. Everything the council do here is half-arsed....no realistic long-term solutions. The Tram system is not fit for purpose either....public transport is a joke so everyone has to take their cars into the town centre. It's about time the City had a shake up...a mixed council that offers fresh ideas and is not the same old, same old we have put up with for years on end. I for one could certainly plan a better Christmas Market set up than is in operation at present, l would have also offered the stall holders on the Moor Markets the opportunity to open up for business too to add fluidity to the Christmas theme. Too short-sighted unfortunately to see the end of their own noses.
  10. The Manchester markets had loads of choice of everything. Yes the beer at the bars is expensive but the councils charge extortionate rates to the vendors. However the different food on offer and lots of Artisan stalls there gave you choice. In one of the markets there were 5 bars...not like the two in Sheffield that were barely full. No atmosphere in Sheffield at all. What was even worse was that on Fargate the scaffolding and hoardings are still up 5 years on on Chapel walk which gives limited access on Fargate.
  11. I'm sure many of you have visited the Christmas Market in Sheffield. I was totally underwhelmed by how poor they are in comparison to other towns and cities in the UK. I visited Manchester on Saturday...unbelievable...amazing. Lots of stalls, bars, people and an amazing atmosphere. Every corner there were more stalls...lots going on. Sheffield on the other hand was small....two bars...about 40 stalls. Absolutely shameful and so short sighted by our Councillors as per usual. Most people go out of Sheffield to other towns and cities because our pathetic market is not fit for purpose. The Moor could have been used...the area around the Theatres...just no vision...wake up Sheffield Council you are killing the City!
  12. If this is a pay as you go meter l assume it is with a card/token not cash. If that is the case then there is nothing to worry about.
  13. When we were young people used to come together as a community and have a locally organised Bonfire on wasteland or a park etc, it wasn't too long ago when we actually had one we organised in the community (with all the regulations adhered to) which received SCC funding. When we organised them as kids, parents took responsibility of their kids and set off fireworks sensibly, us kids collected firewood, guarded the fire with our lives before the night, raised money with "proper Guy Fawkes" in the street, before burning them on the fire. Perhaps they were halcyon days but alot better. We used to get the biggest, oldest looking kid to buy our Bangers and "Jumpin' Jacks" and mess about in the street but these idiots nowadays have no place in society. You can't ban Fireworks to be honest, like others in this forum there will just be more black market purchases. However Police could attempt to catch the perpetrators of these crimes, and the Courts could dish out appropriate sentences in line with Explosive charges/Firearms offences, affray, riot, endangering life, attempted murder, GBH, ABH etc. So start the sentences around 2 to 4 years and escalate them in line with seriousness.
  14. The area around the old Castle Market? If so it's taking forever. The amount of drug addicts down there is ridiculous. They need to completely board it up and close it off so nobody has to witness them injecting and smoking crack etc.
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