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  1. Hi PW555, I have sent you a PM
  2. Hi all, I have just been told that Redrobbo, Cllr. John Robson has passed away after being ill for some time. He was an excellent ward councillor and welcome voice on Sheffield Forum. He will be sadly missed. RIP John
  3. Hi SUTman, I believe Castle Hill, as was, is now subsumed within the boundaries of Castle Market. A look at Fairbanks map of the 1700s would give you a better idea. The following is from the council's website about Sheffield Castle. 1764 - The Reverend Edward Goodwin of Attercliffe stated in an article for "Gentleman's Magazine" that no visible traces of the castle existed, apart from street names including Castle Hill, Castle Folds, Castle Green and Castle Lathes. A plan of Castle Hill in 1785 and other surviving surveys show the adjacent tenements and the main site mainly occupied by a bowling green, public houses, old shops, cottages, slaughter houses and iron furnaces. "The Sheffield Local Register" quotes that earlier in the century: "The inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood were less distinguished by the elegance and refinement of social life, than by their feelings of independence and rigid honesty, by hospitality and crude and boisterous conviviality. There are no assemblies, no theatre, and the principal amusements of the place were the sports at the castle bowling green, and social meeting at the taverns".
  4. This seems to be happening a lot of late due to the hot weather the adhesive tape that the plate is fixed on with seems to be losing its adhesive properties. My son in law has just had to screw his rear plate on.
  5. Babooshka, Poundland sell them. I buy them all the time.
  6. Hi Yog. Ring the council and ask to speak to someone about high hedges, they should be able to tell you your position in law and what you are able to do about a very high hedge. BillyWhiz Oops..MrsB73 beat me to it..good on yer!
  7. Early Learning Centre in Barkers Pool:)
  8. Hi Blazer, I have a brand new copy at home. PM me with your bid and I'll let you know if successful.
  9. Letsby Avenue is the approach to the police helicopter hangar. It is the only Letsby Avenue in England....Sheffield, at the cutting edge of street naming!:hihi:
  10. Hi again Duckweed, Sheffield Castle is a pet subject of mine. The castle's footprint is actually contained within the present footprint of Castle Market. The remains of the bastion tower and gate house are actually inside the market. The inner courtyard is one of the few remaining bits and is located at the rear of the market and can be visited on Thursdays. You need to look at Fairbank's maps of the 1700s to get a good feel of the size of the castle. It's nice to hear that people are curious about it:)
  11. Hi Duckweed, the 'tunnel' was a sewage outlet that went into the Don. A team of 'miners' did attempt to dig a tunnel under the river to the castle but were thwarted by the alluvial rock under the Don. Alluvial rock is too porous to dig tunnels under rivers etc. However, the Queen's Pocket Pistol soon relieved the castle into parliamentarians hands.
  12. Ariels only cost £1 at poundland or 99p at the 99p shop in town. That's all I use in my house. good luck
  13. Hi Bigcheese, press the AV button on your TV remote and you should get a list of 'connections' such as Digital, Analogue, etc. Select Analogue and make sure you tune your TV to receive analogue channels. Good luck
  14. It is the small steep road that leads upto the rear entrance of The Star newspaper offices:)
  15. Yet another person who thinks that climate change/global warming will only result in hot weather:hihi:
  16. Try reading my post properly instead of simply bitching at a MP who was passing on concerns and observations put to him by his constituents
  17. The level of snow and ice is irrelevant if the local authority has a fair policy that ensures all major roads in the city are gritted regardless of the area - the issue that Clive Betts brought up was that side roads in the west of the city were being gritted whilst those council tax payers that don't own 4X4's were unable to walk safely to a bus stop or to their local shops.
  18. DietDuck...Your water rates have nothing to do with the local authority and their 'alleged' decision to grit the side roads in Liberal stongholds. gritting is paid for out of Council tax!
  19. But to 'commission' a piece of work implies 'employment' for the task required. as a child is not an employee and has not been commissioned in its truest sense, to create a piece of work, surely the rights are retained by the child.
  20. At first glance I would say that both intellectual and copyright belong to the 'child' as children often bring home art they have created in school. if a school decides that a piece of art is good enough to use in say a Christmas card they intend to publish for sale, then surely the right course of action would be to ask permission of the parents/guardians of said child and negotiate from there. If however, the school decides that they own the 'rights' to a piece of art that has been created by a child then they will have to prove their case which I think they would lose because the child is not an employee that is employed to do the work and as we, as parents, employ the 'school' I can't see how they would have a leg to stand on. Remember they are teachers and not lawyers so they may think that they are right, and thay may well be, but logical and fair minded people would think them incorrect in their assumptions. Interesting one this. Hope we can come up with a good answer on SF. Good luck.
  21. DESPERATE is the word Truman! I thought the BBC was going to do a fly-on-the-wall documentary on the inner workings of an MP's office, but it seems they are intent on staging events rather than reporting them as they happen naturally. The banality of most of the postings so far should be an indicator to Oliver from the BBC that the addage (Garbage in....Garbage out!) is more often than not Very True! Come on OllyBBC forget the drama, do some real work and bother to look at what an MP and their staff actually do for their pay...you might be surprised.
  22. Maplins sell them, they were pretty cheap last time I looked!
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