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  1. Hi there, As long as the people doing the work are qualified and the premises have the correct planning consents/licences, theres no reason why you can't set up a dentist or anything else for that matter. I'm sure there are many practice managers that aren't qualified GP's etc
  2. Hi, We used Avante Removals and have recommended them to friends who have moved. Reasonable price, reliable and a real help! 0114 288 8314 but I think the also have a free number but I don't know it!!
  3. Hi, We bought ours from Avante Removals when they moved us. They charged a pound each and took away what we didnt use. Oh and they delivered them for free.
  4. Hi, Why don't you use the same one that roped it up? Just s thought!
  5. Hi there, when we moved to Dawlish we used Avante Removals. We had quotes from a couple of the firms you mentioned. SBS were VERY RUDE!! Pickfords were very goods and explained everything clearly but were simply too expensive. I don't know anything about Clockwork. We were very happy with the service we got from Avante. We also had our things stored overnight by them, in Sheffield. They didn't charge any extra for this. I think they are a smaller company with 2 or 3 lorries but they were really lovely! Good luck going north by the way, we went south as the Sheffield climate just wasn't condusive to old bones!!
  6. I think these days there must be a million things to take into account when moving! We don't live in Sheffield anymore but when we moved last time within Devon we tried a man and van. What a disaster, the van was too small so he had to make repeated trips and there was only him (and a little fellow for about an hour who looked like a twig!). Things got damaged and he really didn't want to know.We were distraught. In Sheffield we used Avante Removals but I think they only do houses. My sons business used Specialised Movers who apparently were really good. Hope everything goes well for you.
  7. We used to live in a few different places in Sheffield and I think if we were to choose to return (you never know!), it would be Hillsborough. Excellent public transport, good pubs, good range of shops, nice park, you can walk into the city if you like and there are no real hills (except actually in Hillsborough itself). OK it gets busy sometimes but its like a little town so thats a small price to pay. Good luck and welcome!
  8. When we visited recently we had a problem with the brakes on our car. Luckily we were just round the corner from a garage, called JJ Autos on Bradwell Road at Neepsend (we were on our way to the Ski Village). John in the garage got our car in straight away, arranged a taxi to the Ski Village and mended our car whilst we were there. Very reasonable charge think it was £45.00. I didnt get his number as we were running late but I looked it up for you on the Forum, its 07889808091.
  9. Yes we used Avante too. When we moved to Devon I think it was around £800 all in, and they supplied boxes etc. That was a bit ago now but I see the lads are still going strong. My daughter used them to go to London and they heped taking things apart and putting them back together for her. A great help! Whatever you do end up doing, don't fall for the man and van, we had some real issues!! Always find out what vehicles they have.
  10. We've moved several times, now living in Devon but still Sheffielders!! We have used Avante for the last few moves, always been great for us. Never any damage or cause for complaint. We always have the fixed price so we know what to pay and never had any hidden charges unlike others!
  11. Hello there, Another recommendation for Avante Removals. We have used them several times both locally and down to Devon. We got them through recommendations on the Forum and can honestly say they are the ones to use, Proper lorries (not vans), so everything done in one trip, everything covered up and they supplied boxes and crates. Extremely polite amd professional, something us old 'uns really appreciate. They are on 0114 2888314.
  12. Hi, We have used Avante Removals and Storage, we originally got them through Forum Recommendations. Great lads, very highly regarded and proper lorries (not little vans!) Try searching Avante on here to read the recommendations. They are on 0114 288 8314.
  13. Hi, Whoever you use, don't fall for the man and van service, we just did and should have known better. Always ask for a lorry unless you only have a few items, the smaller vans mean the men who do your move have to squash thngs in, we ended up with damage to some of our items. Also, he ended up doind 6 trips!! Took all day. When we mentioned claiming, he told us that the insurance he mentioned was just for his van!! We now live in Dawlish and have just used this joker to move across town. When we lived in Sheffield we used a local company with vans & lorries and when they visited to quote, they brought the insurance paperwork with them along with all their terms and conditions. We should have asked for the same this time. I'm sorry to rant but I'm so upset:(
  14. Hi, If you're moving a full house/flat, don't try the man and van people, we just moved from our small house in Dawlish to another (we used to live in Sheffield) with a man with a van and it took all day, 5 trips, and we have numerous damage to our furnishings!! We should have guessed when he gave us such a favourable price. Next time, we will use a lorry like we used to!! Oh and check the insurance documents, he claimed to be fully insured but now tells us he meant his van!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!
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