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  1. Hi Folks, I need some big aubergines for a dinner party on Saturday. I would prefer to get them from an independent trader. The ones I've seen in the supermarkets are more akin to courgettes in size! Thanks
  2. Ordered my tickets. Taking the eldest son to his 1st proper gig. What an introduction. There's a man with a mullett going mad with a mallet in Millets !!
  3. I just wonder what are those so called "council professionals" doing? They get enough money for their jobs. Shouldn't they have an outreach team to reach such people and provide them help and support. http://www.thestar.co.uk/community/beggars_plague_fed_up_shoppers_1_3806917 looks like the local Police team are all over it.
  4. On a public forum under the heading Sheffield DISCUSSIONS What do you expect:loopy:
  5. Well done them. You would think, listnin to many of the people on here, all they do is sit in camera vans all day.
  6. And he has been contributing quite handsomely for the last 30 odd years to his pension fund. It doesn't all come out of the public coffers you know.
  7. Back on topic, does Andy Barrs have any points on his licence, or indeed a criminal record?
  8. My apologies, it's not working now either. It was a link to the Sheffield Telegraph report on Andy Barrs retiring.
  9. Just to clarify (Sheffield) Chief Superintendant Andy Barrs has retired, as per my link. (South Yorkshire) Chief Constable Mereddyd Hughes has announced that he will retire in October.
  10. This might help: http://www.sheffieldtelegraph.co.uk/news/gang_crime_officer_steps_down_1_3579350
  11. That is correct he did decide that. However some schools had already set their holidays and informed the Local Authority and Governers. They are all to fall in line next year though. This will certainly help those families that have kids in primary and secondary. Possibility of cheaper holidays too, as somebody mentioned earlier!
  12. Some Catholic schools are open (Notre Dame etc) others are closed. Next year they will all fall in line and stay open during Holy Week together. This is at the request of the Diosese. The reason it is a little mixed up this year is that some of the Primary schools had already set their holidays.
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