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  1. Hello all, My freelander is broken at the mo, What happens is when you turn the key the dash lights including the radio light goes off and no ignition. I firstly changed the battery, then the starter motor and it still happens. If you bump it it will start. Any help please????? S reg - freelander 1
  2. Yeh because you have had a good input to this discussion havent you
  3. One specific car thats not actually one car though. There are quite a few white Subaru's that drive in or through S5.
  4. Who you calling a lady? And why do I protest too much, this is a discussion forum you idiot and were having a ..... You guessed it a ‘discussion’
  5. You can't tar everyone with the same brush, you said the same idiot, how do you know it was the same person at what?? I wouldn't be happy if someone ploughed into me but doesn't mean it will be a Subaru driver does it, that's what I'm tryin to say, corsa, renault, Mitsubishi, vauxhall, BMW drivers all speed about the place just Subaru ones get noticed
  6. All this focus and time spent on speeding Subaru drivers could be sent on getting rid of big time criminals but a lot of people just want to rant rather than do anything about it
  7. Speeding is wrong and illegal, so is selling crack, heroin, weed etc but people do it, 2222 people killed in 2009 by road traffic accidents, in 2008 22000 knife crime incidents were reported.
  8. I never said traffic police should chase gangsters did I, I said you should be mote interested in them than Subaru drivers. Thing I don't understand is there are lots of boy racers who drive different cars that speed, there are 1.3 Clio drivers on their mobile phones who could crash and kill someone. Plus nobody ever says anything about a motorbikes that does silly speeds down deerlands
  9. Funny thing is, Im not defending speeding but, there are paedophiles, murderers, rapist, thieves, gangsters, racists etc and you chat about people speeding. Plus you lot saying he was doing 60mph+ how do you afford your portable speed camera? Yes I know everyone is allowed their own opinion but kids should not be playing in the roads anyway.
  10. Does this subaru have STI in red on the mud flaps and on the spoiler?
  11. Try Daniel Taylor 07528071044, Deffo one of the cheapest and really reliable
  12. Please check http://www.viprist.co.uk. I need some contacts in the Pub/Shop/Bar/Club/Events venues to open up the VIPrist band scheme. If you are a owner or manager or a venue and are interested in this scheme please call Russell on 07949260922. The company is minimal but has a huge potential due to the nature of the business. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Russ
  13. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World-News/Shots-Heard-At-US-Embassy-In-Sanaa-Blasts-Also-Reported-In-Yemeni-Capital/Article/200809315101100?lpos=World_News_Carousel_Region_1&lid=ARTICLE_15101100_Shots_Heard_At_US_Embassy_In_Sanaa%3A_Blasts_Also_Reported_In_Yemeni_Capital
  14. Whats the most elaborate excuse for phoning in sick at work??
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