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  1. Don't bank on it. The one near me has gone from strength to strength. If they keep having good beers on people will use it.
  2. It's not an extension, it's a new freestanding building next to the pet store.
  3. Signage is in place, or at least was. Pedestrianised Area - No Vehicles.
  4. I was quoting a post that referred to drivers doing 60 in a 40 zone, nobody mentioned 34 in a 30. In my opinion the heavily penalised offence isn't penalised heavily enough.
  5. I see plenty of people using their mobile phones while driving every day............doesn't make it right.
  6. He was reported to have been diagnosed with two brain tumours and lung cancer in recent months. Such a sad loss. He was a great performer. RIP rudeboy
  7. Used to go to quite a few gigs in the early 80's but the majority seemed to be at other venues (Leadmill, Nelson Mandela , Octagon etc) Can remember seeing The Specials, The Jam and Fun Boy Three at Top Rank. I'm sure there must be others.
  8. You can but don't hold your breath......it'll never happen. The high cost just couldn't be justified.
  9. Is your 'expert' opinion on the need for crash barrier based on anything factual, or just an un educated opinion? A lighting column will give much better what? So directing a vehicle back into the traffic flow going in the same direction is worse than a head on conflict with traffic approaching in the opposite direct? Since when have lighting columns been designed to fold? This only applies to expensive passive safe units, which are anything but standard Would you be prepared to put your name to increasing the speed limit without putting into place the relevant safety requirements and be prepared to face the consequences of the first fatality as a result?
  10. It would be a ridiculous waste of money more like.
  11. Face facts, it's not going to happen. The costs prohibit an increased speed limit above 40mph on dual carriageways.
  12. Your opinion is based on what exactly? Any facts or just that it's requirement makes the increased speed limit out of the question.
  13. As I mentioned previously, I'm pretty sure increasing the speed limit up to 50 on a dual carriageway would require the installation of crash barrier along the central reservation. Also the street lighting might need upgrading to meet the requirements for a 50mph road as the lighting class for a 40 and 50 speed limit are different. So probably not quite as cheap as sticking up a few 50 roundels, eh?
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