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  1. And also here: Almost 90 minutes of pure "Roger Moffat," talking to Kieth Skues about his very interesting and colourful life (prior to his death.)
  2. What about a "gold" stagecoach tram in honour of her success for the city?
  3. 20 miles longer via M180 (from start of Parkway in Sheffield.)
  4. That route is quicker if you want to go to Mablethorpe, but Skeggy, No. (It is, but its only 3 mins quicker and 20 miles farther). From Sheffield to Skegness, there are several way s to get there depending on the shortest or the quickest. The quickest according to AA Routeplanner is via the Parkway, onto M1 South (shortest via Handsworth and Aston Parkway). Different routes thru Worksop and Lincoln make the journey quicker or shorter as well. Fastest: Total distance: 88.80 miles Journey time: 2 hours, 15 minutes Shortest: Total distance: 85.67 miles Journey time: 2 hours, 46 minutes But, via M180 Total distance: 105.04 miles Journey time: 2 hours, 12 minutes 3 minutes quicker, but 20 miles longer!!!
  5. Wow, now that's going back... Curtis Records, where McDonalds became... I used to go into your shop in the middish 70's. I'm sure "our" Rog didn't mean to be arrogant really. He might have been having a bad day!
  6. Anyone know where I can buy sequin fabric from in Sheffield. Thanks.
  7. Well, in my experience, although I do agree that the Stagecoach management of [Paul Lynch] is much to be desired, I have found that the Stagecoach drivers at least communicate and smile, whereas First drivers are mainly just plain old ignorant.
  8. Two wrongs don't make a right and i'm not a car driver by the way! You should NOT jump a RED light, whether you be driving a car or a bus for that matter!
  9. Some of his ashes were scattered over Hackenthorpe and some to the west side of Scotland and I believe some also somewhere down in Southern England via a small aeroplane.
  10. So, when was it last used for a funeral then? When i say chapel, I mean the church with the spire.
  11. Would anybody know when the chapel was last in use, say, for a church service, before it was finally boarded up? A friend of mine says 1970, but I cannot find anything to confirm that date. Thanks.
  12. I believe his funeral was held at St Andrews Church on Upper Hanover Street in late 1986.
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