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  1. I dare say if he had made complaints to the then owner he would have been told to take it up with the helpdesk 😂
  2. Basil Rathbon and Don Kiddick - Where are you?
  3. Hi All, Just wondering if there are any groups with younger poeple in the Sheffield/Rotherham area. I don't mind a mixed aged group, just some people in their 30's who I may have more in common with. For further clarification, I am a recovering alcoholic, about to leave rehab on Monday, and looking for new ways to fill my time. Also would need to be a beginner group until I can get my fitness up. Thanks in advance :-)
  4. If you are buying the house you know the owner surely?
  5. If you have an attic room we can possibly look at that
  6. Give me a try, We do have to install a primary insulation method, but the cost of that is also covered. You can change from a system boiler to a combi for usually around 250 assuming you want it in the same place.
  7. Hi Cyclecar. If you own your own home, claim tax credits, any disability benefits, pension credit guarantee, then you are indeed entitled. I'm not going to do the hard sell, but if you would like me to give you a call please send me a private message :-)
  8. In the interest of complete disclosure this is for marketing purposes, does anyone know any areas that has lot's of properties with cellars or large voids (suspended floors). Thanks
  9. One parks up at the shops on Northern Avenue Arbourthorne (outside DJ's Sarni Bard) on Saturdays, Not sure on times.
  10. Do I need to make myself known before I turn up. I'm just starting to try and get fit and think this would be a fun alternative to the gym. I'm a fattie though so you'll have to go easy on me!
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