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  1. We want to hear from anyone who has skills in any of the following: knitting, sewing, embroidery, card making, drawing & painting, woodwork, stained glass etc. We are looking to source locally made objects/gifts that will give comfort and healing to those facing or going through bereavement. If you think you would like to be involved, we would like to hear from you. Please send some details of your craft: enquiries@yourgoodmourning.com
  2. This week I'm dressing as a clown doctor for 3 days....I've got the BIG shoes, hat, dickie bow and BIG trousers!! and my funny face (no comments) just need the white doctors coat/lab coat. Has anyone got one they don't use anymore? or could loan me one?? Come on it's all in aid of Sheffield Children's Hospital. Need it for the charibag charity promotion to be held at Asda (Handsworth) this Wed. Thurs. & Friday.....Theo Bear (the hospital mascot) will be there too!! http://www.chariband.co.uk
  3. My Dentist surgery has been taken over...so to speak! but I don't feel happy with the staff for a start the receptionists will keep you waiting then they will say "Oh we can't see ya you'll have to make another appointment you're 3 minutes late!" "Yes thats because you've kept me waiting in the queue for over 5 mins" My brother in law went the other week and he was 10 mins early for his appointment and he actually had to wait over 1 hour for treatment then he said it was so primitive..it frightened him to death,do they know what they are doing? Please help does anybody know a good dentist practise in S6?? Please come back Mr Bird and the former dentists on South Rd. walkley
  4. yes I have seen her too she's fun but once I saw her and she wasn't singing I said "aren't you singing today love?" She said "No" I felt really stupid..so I went off singing
  5. We did last weekend...why us? we're not alone either I have spoke to 2 other people in the Loxley area and their blue bins have also disappeared. Why?? There is no reward being offered ...but I'm really curious to why this happened, has somebody got a lot of paper to get rid of or what?
  6. Nice to hear Horriblebob is well prepared with his rucksack but as you can see from the replies there aren't many men rushing to say they'd do the same or would take a reusable bag to the shops. I am I prooving a point here? Remember 'charibags' are reusable bags with a social conscience! http://www.chariband.co.uk
  7. Are you telling me then men who are single or have been sent to do the weekly shop by their other half don't even give it a thought how they are gonna carry their shopping home?
  8. I have noticed men don't seem to use reusable bags as much as women. Surely men can help save our planet too? I'd like to hear some of the excuses please.. In Sheffield we have reusable bags for Sheffield Children's Hospital, St.Lukes Hospice and F.A.B.L.E which will help generate funds for good causes whilst helping the environment. For example: Sheffield Children's Hospital charibags have raised over £26,000 and saved nearly 4 million single use plastic bags from being used in and around our city. http://www.chariband.co.uk
  9. Hi Pippadoll YES its true...I read an article entitled Charibags help carry off title at http://www.thestar.co.uk/business/Charibags-help-carry-off-title.3404889.jp and I thought it may interest you. Jaffa
  10. 'Charibags' an eco bag with a social conscience! With over 18,000 charibags out and about in Sheffield, raising £19,000 for Sheffield Children's Hospital, city schools and South Yorkshire Flood Disaster Relief Fund. Saving 2 million plastic bags from being used. We can all do our bit to help the environment and local good causes, by using a charibag.
  11. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw children at my local primary school playing outside this afternoon during the awful weather we are having today! Some of the older children either had no coats on and some with just their school polo shirt on! THIS IS WRONG, I think we all need fresh air but this is putting their health at risk, surely. The school children without coats will now be sitting in school with wet clothes. Why do dinner ladies or teaching staff not make these kids wear their coats? Can the Sheffield Forum answer why schools do this? Is there any policy or regulation schools need to apply to concerning outdoor play in bad weather? Has anyone else come across this?
  12. Hello, I was there all weekend from 1pm til 9.30pm on the Sheffielders CARE stall, raising money for Children's Hospital & our schools. It was very, very cold being outside all that time but its all for a good cause and we met some wonderful, friendly people and had a right laugh too!! I thought the lights were brilliant.
  13. Many thanks will do..it is for my mum who has just had reconstructive surgery following breast cancer. I think walking is the best tonic for us all
  14. Can anyone recommend any walking groups in Sheffield? Also any arrangements for non car drivers to get to various meeting places?
  15. I definately don't think we should be forced to use plastic bags.. infact I think we should all be using recyclable charibags which say Sheffielders CARE on em as it raises money for Sheffield Children's Hospital and schools in Sheffield, as well as helping the environment...:clap:There is an advert running on this forum, please check it out!!
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