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  1. cool, I agree ....... apart from my lads of course Why do you think Def Leppard?
  2. Any opinions, and why you think your choice is the best?
  3. Can anyone give me information on heavy rock venues in sheffield, who play gigs. I know of a few, but a list would be great. I am a new manager of a rock band and doing a little research. Thanks in advance
  4. why do people really dislike people in champs? Personally i think its ok.
  5. They will be banning singing, cheering and celebrating next.... complete madness!
  6. Im a Blade however Im supprised at the good start the wendies have made. Do you think they will stay in the top 6?? Personally i think they have a good chance, what do others think? They might even finish above us!
  7. I go to kapap usally 3 times a week, kickboxing for kids is on Mondays and its on little london road. I highly recomend it! http://www.kapapsheffield.co.uk
  8. I think we will suprise people today. And play with a bit of pride. And I think we will win 3-0
  9. Might be a long shot but have you tried facebook? good luck.
  10. Dont get me wrong im not trying to discredit the circus or anything, but i think its good we get the circus in sheffield (apart from if they use animals) but it just gets my back up when all business pay our rates and we get our a-board stolen and can only get it back after paying £50.00
  11. Hi mate, i have yes but latley we lack conviction and i judge on results not on how well we play. Im at the moment just a bit concerned about results. And the fact we havent replaced tounge. I know what you mean but i really had hight expectations this season
  12. We run a business in sheffield and about 18 months/2 years ago we had a A-board taken by the council because it was a few yards a way from our shop. Although I thought it was really petty and not harming anyone walking past we accepted it and moved on. However... I was driving down ecclesall road yesterday and the circus is soon to be on endcliffe park, and what annoyed me is that they had a large A-board in the central reservation area of ecclesall road. Now don't get me wrong, im no do gooder, bitter or busy body but why is it ok for them to have it in the middle of the road and be ok, and to have ours and others just taken by the council? I have nothing against the circus and we all have to advertise.... it's even in my line of business, however surley fairs fair is'nt? Also, we are not allowed banners on the park fence.. which i actually agree with to some degree. However they are allowed. Now it may be because its a council fun event, i dont know but if it is... surley this is not fair. We all pay our business rates and we should all play by the rules. I really want to point out, that i have nothing against the circus, and eveyone has a right to earn a living so please dont think im having a go at them. What does anyone else think?
  13. I couldnt agree with you more. We think that we have a decent team... the problem is, we dont. In our division we think we have a god given right to win. And its ok purchasing all these clubs in brazil, hungrey etc.... at the moment whats the point?? i know its a longterm plan, but we have to seriously get our house in gear otherwise we will end up having a very poor season. We do think we have a given right though... at this rate i think we will finish below wednesday and im a blade.
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