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  1. Anyone know about the man who hangs around waitrose car park, I cant believe they allow him to harrass everyone he comes into contact with, they have a parking attendent patrolling the cars so why allow him to harrass, last week he was all beaten up on his face, hes there every week and I dont like being harrassed in this way, there was two of them there today another man carrying a rolled up sleeping bag on his back.
  2. Looking for any ideas/local business S6 that would support my cause. Nito a charity but trying to fundraise for VBT (spinal surgery) for my daughter, set up gofundmepage, but obviously without knowing vast amounts of generous people its hard. Any ideas as how to get things for fundraising evening, or getting my daughters cause out there?
  3. A sure first bus be happy, they already retook over some school routes but then again u shud know everything bus man
  4. Get real it's dunelm not marks and spencer, should have took it back and ask for a refund
  5. Went to cinema yesterday it's mental if u going to arena why park there, got to be some system of banning arena users as it's impossible to park at centertainment if you are using their facilities.
  6. Dont go to explore learning in SAinsburys my daughter went for a year £119 a mth and its crap they just stick them in front of a pc the whole time Kip Mcgrath is great, my daughter has come on leaps, it has recently moved to London Road, there is one on eccy road too, good staff and way more attentive than Explore and no 8 is not too young, its never too young to help your kids, but I recommend learning in a fun environment rather than 1 on 1 learning at that age.
  7. Yeah and cops should shut it down with water cannons, damn idiots no respect for half the population of Sheffield who don't wanna listen to this crap who have to get up for work, got kids or sick etc totally crap go lock themselves in an underground soundproof bunker n rot ur brains with that stuff.
  8. I'm near loxley and can hear it thudding and booming over my to fed up of this crap, police shud be on it.
  9. http://yorkshirecancerresearch.org.uk/fundraising/slipandslide/. Quick Google is your friend...
  10. No why should homeless people go around harassing people? It's not about luck it's about how you live so yes the majority of homeless people don't need to be homeless it's their choice and they do not want to help themselves I'm sick of walking through the town centre with my child and being harassed especially in cathedral area I am all for helping people who are in genuine need but never these drunk awful people who should be locked up as u say if they have mental problems they should be in an asylum better than flipping out and killing an innocent person. Homelessness is not nice but a lot of them can help themselves but choose not to, no one should have to put up with being harassed when walking the town centre, begging is horrible
  11. Yes hopefully labour will dissapear after the referendum, ruin this city.
  12. as long as you are signed up for emails, you get loads of freebies on your birthday, bella italia, ffrankie and bennys etc etc
  13. But now there is the added noise of several dogs barking probably because of the noise
  14. We'll yes what I mean is they have had hours to stop it and never have done.
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