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  1. Just trying to find out about road closures tomorrow but there is no way to do so as the main website of the event is down  council website also does not say too much about it … good luck to all participant by the way!
  2. ...cannot afford to buy a house and paying a rent is such a wasting so I do think about flat (hillsborough ish) but I really not quite sure about the leashold propety? Does anyone own this type of propety? Are there any extra cost, fees ect. ??? Happy New Year everyone
  3. same like ryanair or easyjet....
  4. Sorry I can not say Sheffield is clear, I wish it was but how many times i see people just throw out their cans, bottles, cigarettes etc. I just can't stand those people!!! There are a lot of bins but they just do not care...and then you can have a look over the brige on the hillsborough corner down to the river...so sad!
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