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  1. they do mate, what a work ethic. Half a dozen to a room which brings down the cost of rent etc.... and with people earning bugger all means I can get services at a knock down price. While were at it, why bother paying people at all, if people were slaves it would bring down the costs even more.
  2. hey mate, if you ever find yourself out of work, like you said there are loads of jobs, jobs that pay rubbish wages ( many below the minimum wage ) and you could get yourself a job within a day. problem is, when your paid less than the min wage its sometimes hard to be able to afford to go to work (paying the bus fare etc...)
  3. Carrie, I totally understand where you come from...ie work with anyone who won't contribute to the coursework I will not work with someone who has BO, or someone whos fat.
  4. In my opinion, some of the teachers need the cane. Especially the student teachers adminsitered by me
  5. Now I love a good wind up more than anyone, however I cannot stand the victimisation of one person by a group of other people. Leave Rich alone.
  6. No def not, I've yet to see an ugly european bird. Some of the polish birds are stunners, and I for one can't wait for further european expantion if poland is a taste of whats to come.
  7. As a rule of thumb, the more expensive the car, the more expensive the lessons. £28 for a lesson in a mini cooper £20 for a lesson in a Nissan micra £10 for a lesson in a pedal car, where the driving inst is pushing. £5 for a lesson in a Daewoo I do driving lessons in a mini cooper, and there have only been 6 casualtys since August, so my records good (I worked with 19 since August) Send a PM if you want lessons, and state what type of car you wish to have lessons in
  8. Theres been a recession 4 years, just its been hidden with easy credit and people buying things they can't actually afford. People for years have been coming to terms with inflation busting increases (ie Council tax) yet, just because its the toffs in London who are suffering, we now have a recession. Realistically, for many people, they never came out of the 90s recession, and for some the 80s. In my opinion, this one is going to be a monster, one like we not seen since the 1930s, god knows what it will take to get things started this time around. The onlys jobs that are relatively secure are government jobs, however as a country we cannot survive without exports and people earning money by working for the government.
  9. I'm not an expert on fishing, however I believe the 1st rule of thumb is to make sure there are fish in the water you plan to fish in. Are you sure there are fish at Bradleys? if not, it could be a fruitless event
  10. True, Leeds are in a lower division. Next season, Leeds will be in a higher division than Wed.
  11. The most suprising thing about the show, are the amount of people (contestants) that have sheffield accents. Has anyone else noticed this?
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