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  1. Has anyone used the iPlayer through the Nintendo Wii yet?
  2. We used to do general studies which taught things like this and preparing for life after school. We had a few lessons on job interviews and job applications as well as balancing a budget and money. In many cases it is a better thing to teach than algebra, theorectical physics and subjects like that.
  3. There could be a bit of truth in this but I suspect the story is a bit over the top. There have to be people with no savings or insurance policies to cover the funeral cost, and who's family can't afford much either. So in that case a Government funded funeral will be the only option. But what proportion of funerals this is I'm not sure.
  4. I won't be spending as much money this year as I have in the past, but that is more on deciding just to spend less on people as people get older, rather than money problems.
  5. Mine are still changing size as my weight changes mainly, but I can't say I ever really noticed a time when they stopped growing.
  6. I've started making my list of things to buy but so far I haven't bought any of the presents on that list.
  7. I do think a lot of money could be saved on satelites, computer graphics and weather presenters if they scrapped weather forcecasts. Most of the time they say the obvious or tell you what the weather was like at some time in the past. And just why does the BBC need so many weather forecast presenters? Surely a couple for TV and a couple to cover radio would be plenty.
  8. Just about everything. Work, play games, get news and sport news, listen to radio, watch TV, play games, online banking.
  9. On the one hand yes. Northern Rock and all the other banks are businesses at the end of the day and the Government don't do anything to save many other businesses that fail. But on the other hand the banks do have a lot of power over people. The general public would lose their savings and anyone with a loan or mortgage would in theory have to pay the debt back to the liquidator in one go. Or more likely the debt would be sold on to another company who might try and change the terms and conditions. So overall I think the banks have to be saved. I think things would be a lot worse if the banks weren't saved. But I do think they should be punished in some way in the future. Maybe a windfall tax or something that they can't pass onto their customers.
  10. Yes. It is nice and peaceful and nice to be able to do what I want without having to consider anyone else.
  11. I wonder if people will cut back a bit this year due to the cost of electricity. There have been a few national stories of people not doing as much this year. They are the ones who usually have collections for charities.
  12. My car was broken into last year on Tapton House Road.
  13. I've not noticed any offers yet on selection boxes. Morrisons did a good deal last year where it was buy one get one free, but they only had a limited supply and when they were gone they didn't have any more.
  14. I think it is you, but I'm not 100% certain.
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