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  1. jezzyjj i dont like your attitude towards me! say what you want about me but at end of the day patronising people when asking questions is dam right rude!! i refuse to ask on here anymore with people like yourself! others have answered fully to their knowledge! idiot!!!
  2. as for the offering to help section! the guy came across very harsh they way i read it anyway! im only here to listen to people n feedback what i think about their advice? isnt that wat a forum usually is??
  3. im nt saying they havent been mate! im very grateful for all comments! but somebody at the end of the day has to start somewher, im sure even you didnt pick up a camera and no all the ins and outs! I have 2 years experience! i know exactly what my camera does so im really quite offended by that comment!! We all dont know our cameras inside and out as we are not professional. How do you become a pro? from some of peoples sites out there, they are far from pro! its nt a status! i never saw the part about been assited!? where was this? i apologise fr coming across like this but when ppl are stating that you shudnt be takin on weddings and things etc then how do you start from the bottom?? you work your way up! hope this clarifys stuff!!!!
  4. ye wil do nick! looked at tht recently! added it my favorites lol. Ye the 50mm f1.8 is a great addition (so ive read) so il buy that and test some shots! everyone seems to be leaning towards the d40x over change so at least thats a good start
  5. some of my shots from my sis' wedding arent on there unfortunately! they are just a few samples! if they cant tell i can take photos from the 100 or so on there then who can?? Ive done plenty of work and tend to not put my work on my site but do on my blog! yes i have secured a wedding job next year and have plenty of time to get practicing! why on earth is everyone so negative on this site!
  6. but like i say, im an amateur photographer not doing this for a living, meerly shooting to document a wedding! im not doing the full monty style!
  7. so i shud stay away from any real big zoom lenses (say 70-200m) - i think the aperture is f4 so it limits the depth of field i would get say doing some portrait work as such! I have 2 lenses already, the standard 18-55 which provides good clarity in colour and contrast but feels again really amateur-ish and im looking to invest in a decent lens if i stayin with the nikon that has a either the f1.8 or 2.8 giving different amounts of depth of field!
  8. thanks for the advice! I been contemplating the d700 camera! what is the 50d like? Would you suggest i stick with the d40x or build up work with a new lens? I considered a new Nikkon 50mm f1.8D to add to my collection! can you recommend a lens to use that would be good for wedding and possibly fashion photography!
  9. for me it feels really amateur-ish if that means anything! i know they define some cameras as pro-sumer so im going on that. I found the d40x faultless but to me it fees like a small amateur DSLR! i want something that looks the part, i no tht a bad excuse and shouldn't do that! The light meter is somewhat confusing at times and the LCD display isnt the best!
  10. ok chill pal! we all gotta start somewhere n learn from others! if i knew i was gonna get grilled i wouldnt bother posting on here!
  11. ok wel like i say im doing this not as a business! I would look to get the insurance for the one off day and to cover myself! We have written up an agreement about stuff like this and both parties are happy to proceed! most people i know who do this as small favours, dont have insurance but i was just asking for suggestion more than advice!
  12. Ive read bits about this online and on these forums but I want basic clarification! 1. Im photographing a wedding for someone i know at Waterton Park in Wakey! Would you suggest I get insurance/liability insurance or is up to the B&G to liase with the venue holder? 2. How much will it cost and what does it cover? 3. Do i really need it - is it worth the risk?? 4. Do i need to just run up an agreement with them if anything was to go wrong, just so they dont sue or anything daft or if my camera breaks or malfunctions! clear answer please
  13. ive been looking at the d700!! the spec looks great and would defo like to try it out sometime in the near future! i would only be intrested in the body as i have 2 lenses for my d40x already!
  14. i dont as im a amateur photographer!! im looking to assist on a few wedding is possible and someone is looking for a helping hand!
  15. Astraman, Im looking for experience and willing to assist someone for a wedding if possible!! I got myself a wedding lined up next year so need some experience asap! Free of charge of course! Can you help?
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