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  1. Thank you for that cgksheff makes interesting reading. Just an update, The Star are covering that story and Look North will be there on Monday dinnnertime.
  2. On 22nd June 2009 officials from East Herringthorpe Crematorium, Rotherham will be removing items placed on the graves of infants, as they feel they are "untidy", families have been given 1 weeks notice to remove any items on their graves and have been informed that any items remaining after this date will be removed by crematorium officials. My younger sister has started a petition as she has a baby girl, Violet, buried at the crematorium and is understandably very upset that they are planning to do this. If you can help by signing the petition on the link below it would be very much appreciated. Also if you can you can show your support by being at the crematorium at 4pm today when reporters form the local paper will be there to cover the story. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/leaveourbabiesgravesalone/
  3. Reason for Rehome / Sale - No longer can give her the exercise she needs Time Scale – How Urgent? - No real rush, holidays etc can be honoured Sale Amount - £100 to ensure a good home Has the Dog been in Rescue - no we have had her since she was a pup Location - Maltby, rotherham Age & Sex - female, 5 years next month Breed/ Mix - Japanese akita, black & white KC Registered - pedigree but no papers Approximate size - medium/large Exercise Needed Neutered & Micro chipped - microchipped Vaccinated & Wormed Live in / out - lives in outside pen Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals - not too good with smaller dogs, ok with cats Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues - none Temperament - lovely, soft a as a brush Good or Bad with Children - absolutley excellent, we have 3 kids Dislike of Men or Women - none OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals - see above Travel OK in Car - not had much experience Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time -n/a Destructive Behaviour - none Barks - when anyone is around Pull on the lead - yes Crate trained - no Housetrained - n/a She is only going as I cannot handle her she is too strong for me and my hubby cant get out much. Please do not hassle me about my reasons for rehoming we have considered other options but feel that she will be better cared for with someone who has the time and strength to give the love and attention she needs. You can see a pic of her here http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=22435&id=584387962#/photo.php?pid=531216&id=584387962
  4. My son is 11, is dyslexic and has adhd, he has been statemented for about 4 years now. The statement is extremely important when it comes to choosing a decent secondary school, we have just managed to get our son in the best school in Rotherham and were told that without the statement he wouldn't have had a prayer. I dont know what resources there are in sheffield but try parentplus they are very good at advise and I think they can help with getting an assessment for a statement.
  5. By this you mean all posts made that actually have valid points but because they go against political correctness and may offend a certain person they have been removed. I thought this was a forum ie somewhere where we could debate issues. I made posts which were valid dicussion points so why have they been removed? If it is because they have gone off the homosexuality and Islam topics then why did you not just start off anew topic and move them there.
  6. You make agood point there, as a woman I have always thought that women would want to convert from Islam rather than to it.
  7. 40's and 50's fashion always depicts Englishness to me. Good old respectable dress. With men in suit and tie with polished shoes (including the soles) and ladies in nylons and pencil skirt and white blouse always with gloves.
  8. The only actions we are guilty of is standing up for ourselves and not allowing 9/11 to allow the muslims to have the world domination they crave. Maybe 7/7 is a consequence of that but sometimes we have to stand our ground and take whatevers thrown at us in return. I am a person who believes its right to speak out and/or act for what is right and after 9/11 the western world was in its rights to fight back. If we hadn't then I believe 7/7 would have been on a much larger scale. As for the Iraq war it is something I personally disagreed with. As far as I am concerned it was a war that was not necessary for the british to get involved in as it was all about george bush getting his hands on the oil and unfortunatley we had a weak leader who felt it necesary to kiss GB's arse.
  9. Maybe what you're saying is true to some extent but there is no smoke without fire - unless you live in fairyland and like to believe that all the nasty media people do is tell lie after lie. WAKE UP and smell the curry 9/11 REALLY happened, 7/7 REALLY happened and were both REALLY committed by muslims and in the aftermath of both atrocities high profile muslims spoke out against the acts - but behind closed doors they all know that this EXTREMISM is happening in a mosque near you.
  10. Bin the PC brigade and accept other peoples opinions even when they differ from the norm
  11. Why do the words racist and homophobic have to be thrown around - I prefer anti pc its much more generalised and less offensive
  12. I was there with my hubby and kids on the top deck yellow car park at meadowhall. So glad we went as it was a brilliant experience. Chaos getting out though didn't get home while 5.
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