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  1. As far as I’m concerned, Sheffield is the place to be! I will never leave here, the place has everything I need and more. Other places might have various amenities but no-where has got the character that Sheffield has got. Anyone that hates Sheffield should p*ss off elsewhere and stop posting on a forum that is dedicated to our great city. Go and brown nose on Leeds forum or something if they have got one!
  2. An absolute unstoppable moron. Get this man off the air!!
  3. Also born and bread in Sheffield....lived for short periods in other places due to university and work but can honestly say there is no better place than Sheffield and i will never move away!
  4. Absolute animals. Just because they cant spell their own name on a piece of paper, they have to go round with a made up "Tag" to show they "woz ere! on our city's walls!
  5. It was a Land Rover with a large fully loaded trailer. Plus its was right on the corss roads!
  6. I always thought it was because more people have Friday off and also alot of people finish work early on a Friday..well the ones who have nice bosses do anyway!
  7. The Land Rover and trailer were on Nursery Street near to Park Square roundabout. The Driver was sat on his trailer when I went past. At the end of the day if he broke down it’s not his fault. The point I was trying to make is how ridiculous it is that something as minor as that can grind the city to a halt! With everything being one way there is only one way I can get to the Parkway from West Bar and it took me an hour to do so!
  8. I can’t believe how long it has just taken me to get home through the city centre! And all because of a broken down Land Rover...Unbelievable how this can grind our city to a halt!
  9. only place you will get to see it is at the ground. Its not on tv.
  10. You cant beat North Face jackets for beating those winter blues. Bit pricey but well worth it. They have them in Blacks on High Street
  11. I don’t think there is any problem with using both the available lanes. I go down the shortest lane as it’s illogical to queue miles down the road causing congestion. There are two lanes are there for a reason! This morning the police followed me down the right hand lane and I did not see any blocking and someone let them in without any problem!
  12. So what, comments like that are not needed when its for a good cause!
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