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  1. Can anyone recommend any fitted wardrobes companies or joiners please? Don't fancy the sales patter as have already had sharps out. They were wanting a fortune! Supafit are coming to give us a quote bit would love to hear recommendations. Thanks in advance
  2. monty789

    Nearly new sales - s10/s11

    Hello does anyone know of any baby sales In Sheffield or the surrounding area in jan or feb? Thanks
  3. Hi Does anyone know of any nearly new childrens sales in the next few months. Someone mentioned there was one at Bramall Lane. Thanks
  4. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. Im not sure if im going to regret posting this but would appreciate sensible responses please. Does any one know of a legal way to get rid of pigeons? Some have nested in the tree across the road and keep 'decorating' the car. They have now started to constantly land on the roof which actually wakes me up as I have an attic bedroom and seemed to have very quickly multiplied. Not looking forward to pigeon mess all over the garden too. Can the council help or i have heard about flying a bird of prey to scare them off. Any constructive advice gratefully received.
  6. Hi I was wondering if anyone had recently had their house valued or put on the market near Woodseats. Which agents are currently the cheapest as I am looking at getting some valuations but don't want to waste peoples time. I know that you usually get what you pay for but want to keep the estate agent selling fees to a minimum, cheers
  7. Hiya Does anyone know of a kick boxing type class (ideally around S11) which is Pay as you go, most want to pay monthly or tie you into contracts. My aim is to keep fit and enjoy it rather than competitions and the gradings which they all seem to push for. I tried one on Greystones Road/Dobbin hill which was great but you can only pay monthly and to go once a week works out expensive. Also tried Castle which were awful and had the hard sell trying to get you to sign up to a very expensive deal. Thanks
  8. monty789

    Estate Agents Average FEEs

    Does anyone know who has the lowest fees at the moment with no upfront or remove from the market fees on Woodseats? cheers
  9. Hiya How much would it cost to fit a stairs carpet, need to provide underlay and grippers? thanks
  10. Hiya I am looking at getting my house reroofed and have been advised that I will need building regs. I have spoken to a guy there and he was very non comital on what I would need, but I am trying to price this up. I currently have the foil based insulation similar to this http://www.diy.com/diy/jsp/bq/nav.jsp?action=detail&fh_secondid=10617653 inside my plastering. The guy said that I would probably need this topping up by 70mm but would depend on the rafters size of my roof. Would this be the wool type insulation or boards with foil on them? Does anyone know where these are cheap and how much it would roughly cost? I keep seeing buy one get one frees at b and q! Any other advice would be appreciated, cheers
  11. monty789

    Victorian property

    I had my bay replaced and had some sliding double glazed 'mock' sash's put in as these work with the cords. Very pleased with them and had them through frame ups at hillsborough. They were very efficient, pleasant and fensa registered.
  12. monty789

    Gas Safety Certificate- CP12 required

    Hi I am after some quotes for landlords gas safety check and certificate for a property on Woodseats. There is a combi boiler, gas fire and gas hob to check, thanks.
  13. monty789

    Spare percy pud number?

    Hiya i can not make the 12th hence have a spare entry to be collected from Eccy Road Friday or Norton S8 Saturday, £12, cheers, Natalie
  14. Hiya We are having a Christmas do on Tue 7th Dec, possibly up at the dogs or around town but don't know what places are open late if we come back into town later. Last year we did the same and tried the leadmill which was shut!! I know the forum is open but its salsa night and people arent up for that, anywhere else? Cheers
  15. Hiya No there is no existing rad there. I havent purchased the rad. Its a 3 year old combi boiler, Im not sure about drainage points, thanks

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