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  1. There are two sportsmans - one in Crosspool is the ember in, head out towards red mires and you get to the other sportsmans! Norfolk Arms out ringinglow is good as well!
  2. Kelham Island Tav!!! SUPERB pub! And no I'm not the landlord, just a patron. Recently been back to the Rutland as well, and can say this is also a pleasant pub. As is the re-opened West End, although given the number of people in it last Friday at 7 not sure it will ride out the recession.
  3. Anyone know what they're upto on the roundabout on Arundal Gate?
  4. Oh and BTW I'm no snob - just someone who enjoys good food that's been well cooked with care. I'd rather go out less often and really enjoy the experience.
  5. Most regular Chinese offer a good veggie selection - as does Baan Thai - if you want a group meal, then did us proud at Christmas. The veggies had a wonderful choice - for 3 or 4 they had about 4 or 5 mains between them, similar for starter. All cooked fresh.
  6. Or walk a short distance up redmires, and your at the three merry lads - they also do a good sunday lunch. If you're wanting a shorter walk, then the Rising Sun in Ranmoor is good.
  7. Here's the snob brigade! Don't go to a buffet - food well below what you'd get in a good chinese, and unless the rice is properly looked after you run a high risk of food poisoning.
  8. Artisan did go down hill, but they recently got a new head chef and last time we went couldn't fault either the food or service.
  9. Def still a work in progress. Menu sounds interesting to me, and certainly different from anything else in Sheffield
  10. Go upthe hill to x-pool and there's Artisan. Can't get much better than that. Ranmoor tandoori is a good Indian.
  11. Well it certainly doesn't look ready to open yet - I drive past it every morning.
  12. Had a pretty bad experience in the Red Deer on Wednesday. First pint was off - never tasted anything so bad. But they did change it then got ripped off on food. Won't be going back!
  13. Never bought it myself, but I think the only way you'll find it is to buy it frozen on-line.
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