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  1. Just another update..............??
  2. Just updating thread again , I'm still after a copy of the opening ceremony ,if anyone's knows where I can get one ?.............
  3. I just came across these posts by accident .... im sure this is the place we went to when i was at primary school (parkhill middle school) for a school trip,before moving up to secondary. I just remember it being a huge house with lots of rooms and a massive garden then round the back somewhere was a treehouse and swings etc. It was a bit creepy then and we all thought it was haunted (as you do when youre 11 yrs old) . We had a great time though and i have fond memories of the place .
  4. yeah that sounds good ,when can i pick it up?
  5. so ..............................anyone?
  6. is anyone wanting to sell the video / dvd? or know where i can get a copy ??
  7. STUNMON how much would you sell it for ? does it have the full opening ceremony on it?
  8. is anyone willing to sell the video?
  9. does it have the opening ceremony on it?
  10. Does anyone have or know where i can get a copy of this?
  11. just updating this thread,if anyone has any info please get in touch
  12. Well ive still not found anything,has anyone else??
  13. i have tried the libraries in sheffield that hold the videos but they dont lend them out!!!!!!!!!!!

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