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  1. Just updating thread again , I'm still after a copy of the opening ceremony ,if anyone's knows where I can get one ?.............
  2. I just came across these posts by accident .... im sure this is the place we went to when i was at primary school (parkhill middle school) for a school trip,before moving up to secondary. I just remember it being a huge house with lots of rooms and a massive garden then round the back somewhere was a treehouse and swings etc. It was a bit creepy then and we all thought it was haunted (as you do when youre 11 yrs old) . We had a great time though and i have fond memories of the place .
  3. is anyone wanting to sell the video / dvd? or know where i can get a copy ??
  4. STUNMON how much would you sell it for ? does it have the full opening ceremony on it?
  5. Does anyone have or know where i can get a copy of this?
  6. just updating this thread,if anyone has any info please get in touch
  7. Well ive still not found anything,has anyone else??
  8. i have tried the libraries in sheffield that hold the videos but they dont lend them out!!!!!!!!!!!
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