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  1. Need to spend in it to compete? Well, until the last couple of weeks, Barnsley were in with a decent chance of competing for a play-off place. And have they spent? Well, this season they've sold Mawson, Bree, Hourihane and Winnall for combined fees of £11.5m, whilst buying Bradshaw, Moncur, Mowatt and Kpekawa for a total of £2.1m. So maybe it's not such a 'expensive division to compete in' after all? Unless, of course, you've got an extortionate wage bill for your players (which for the six strikers alone is over £200,000 per week!).
  2. I was just wondering what that 'bleeping' sound was coming from the S6 area? Then I realised that it was the open-top bus being reversed back into its' garage:hihi:
  3. D'ya remember the machines piled up in the far side of the livingroom, Sis? Sadly, the building he used to work in is now a pile of rubble. Ironically, we went to a job there only the other night, when a 'customer' wanted to 'obtain' some copper piping that (allegedly) didn't belong to him. A canine employee assisted in denying him the acquisition.......
  4. Myself and a fellow Sheffield Forum-er are thinking about organising a reunion for former pupils (who like us), went to the school in the mid/late 70's. Some of the lads we remember are :- Tim Paisley, Neil Johnson, Russell Turner, Michael Glenn, Paul Finney, Mark Elsdon, Andrew Cooper, Michael Wall, Paul Browning, Kerry Walker, Andrew Hague, Kieran O'Brien, Mark Ledger, Paul Bembrick, Mark Rhodes, Philip Dyson, Nigel Raven, Johnathan Coulter, Mark Simpson, Craig Skelton, Craig Shipman, Richard Prior, Michael Bullivant, Chris Stubbs, Patrick Walker, John Beighton, John Harrison, Michael Giles, Robert Mason, Neil Hadfield, Paul Shaw, David Ross, Ian Watson, Steven Cook, Karl Rotchell. And the lasses:- Gail Piper, Mandy Gray, Christine Miesczkak, Marie Holmes, Elaine Goddard, Anne Stenton, Karen Senior, Jill Froggatt, Caroline Parker, Prudence Cahill, Ruth Simms, Lisa Casson, Penny Loftus, Anne Benton, Caroline England, Tracey Sutton, Helen Parker, Juanita Porrill, Julie Dabbs, Jill Woodhead, Louise Harrop, Barbara Sellars. So, if you know any of these people, are related to any of them, work with any of them, or even ARE any of them(!), then please let me know - either by adding a line to this thread or sending me a private message. If we get enough interest, then there'll be a night of catching up to look forward to! Regards, Andrew Booth.
  5. Awww, I'm sorry to hear that, Tracey. As you say, very sad. Just like you, I've lost touch with many of them and only 'bump' in to a couple of them every now and again. However, I understand that Michelle now lives in Portugal, Jill in Sweden and Julie in Australia, so perhaps there's no wonder!! That teacher the girls used to line up and kiss - were his initials 'SW' by any chance?!
  6. Hi Tracey. As you were there between 75 and 79, I reckon that you'll remember many of these pupils then?:- Tim Paisley, Neil Johnson, Russell Turner, Mick Glenn, Paul Finney, Mark Elsdon, Warwick Ibbotson, Andrew Cooper, Mick Wall, Paul Browning, Mark Hartley, Kerry Walker, Andrew Hague, Kieran O'Brien, Dean Rogers, Mark Ledger, Paul Bembrick, Mark Rhodes, Philip Dyson, Nigel Raven, Jonathan Coulter, Mark Simpson. And the girls?:- Christine Miesczkak, Gail Piper, Michelle Holmes, Elaine Goddard, Anne Stenton, Karen Senior, Jill Froggatt, Caroline Parker, Prudence Cahill, Ruth Simms, Lisa Casson, Penny Loftus, Alex Hickerman (RIP), Anne Benton, Sonia Brown, Caroline England, Tracy Sutton, Helen Parker, Juanita Porrill, Julie Dabbs. I wonder what they're all doing now?
  7. After Ched's brilliant effort last night, any ideas folks?
  8. Yes, summat like that Mart thanks, although maybe a bit longer. D'ya know where I can get them from?
  9. Looking for a place that sells 6 foot stakes, to assist in securing a fence. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.
  10. I've had the 'pleasure' of running up both of them quite recently and would say that the first stretch of Hagg Hill from Rivelin Valley Road is steeper than the similar stretch of Lodge Lane from the A57, but after their first right hand bends, then Lodge Lane is marginally the steeper. (Equally as knackered at the top of both, mind you!).
  11. Maybe if they had been made aware of the problem (by you possibly?), then they could have dealt with the situation.
  12. Who would report that? Not the scroat, I'm sure!
  13. Andy, let me assure that loads of work is going on behind the scenes throughout Sheffield to sort this crowd out. A lot more would be done daily on the streets by the lads and lasses in the patrol cars, but if I could begin to describe the amount and type of so-called "immediate" jobs they are directed to preventing them from doing so, I would still be typing this time tomorrow night.....
  14. If you're not having any joy, may I suggest you direct your complaints towards the IPCC? Anyway, how dare I, a mere "user name that you do not know at all" have the audacity to challenge one of the SF's 4,000+ post glitterati ?! And if you have the time and desire to search through my previous posts, then you really need to get out more......"mate".
  15. What's the point whinging on here? (Like you always do!!) Do something positive about it! Get up from your seat keyboard warrior and complain to them!!
  16. Is there any truth in the rumour that the pub is going to be renamed as "The".....?
  17. There's a decent driving range at the top of Long Lane just outside Worrall. Ironically, it's very close to the top end of Hillsborough Golf Club. You can reach it by driving through Loxley from Malin Bridge, passing The Admiral Rodney PH and in about quarter of a mile, turning right up Long Lane. The range is off to the left, just before the brow of the hill.
  18. As with many other contributors to this thread, I am a regular user of this junction. Quite noticibly, drivers are very much more attentive since the tragic accident - maybe because they have seen the floral tributes close to the site? When travelling from Rails Road towards Stannington, the tree around which many of these flowers are positioned, seems to be the biggest obstacle preventing drivers/riders from having a clear view - which is both sad and ironic....
  19. Well, even if you did, you wouldn't have to wait long for help!
  20. Well, it's better then 50 people getting knocked down!!! D'ya reckon they ought to invent a siren that starts quietly and get progressively louder then?! Masbrolass/Jillybabes/Doinalright - please tell me this is a wind-up?!
  21. Poor you. I'm sure the people who were getting mugged, burgled or suffering a heart attack would agree with you......
  22. And I pay my Council Tax to run around the streets of Sheffield once a year!
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