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  1. I think all the buildings were houses on Gregory rd, Heeley.At the bottom corner was waste land, were I believe houses had once stood.I lived and was born on Gregory road.
  2. have not been on sheffield forum for ages,but really enjoyed your posting keywest!I just wanted to say that your happy memories of the speedway brought me lots of sunshine on this cold wet murky day.Thanks a lot,Kath
  3. janet,do I know you?you mention sa wheres that?pm box if you want to converse,Kayh
  4. I miss all the houses and people that made up the community in Heeley,round Gregory road,what a good place to grow up!
  5. very good kirky i remember all that you mentioned,enjoyed reading all you wrote,good memories.
  6. good thread I miss all the things that have already been mentioned,but most of all the community spirit of the old terrace houses where if your mum and dad worked the neighboughs looked after you in the hols,and you never locked the back door,cos we had nothing worth stealing!Can I ask Fridayboy if bowers butchers was owned by Deniss Bower as he was a good friend of ours in the 70s,and we have lost touch,it would be nice to hear if he is well.anyone know his whereabouts?He had a shop in bannercross I think!
  8. Tinker thanks for the p.m.You have made me very happy,Kath.Check your p.m. box.
  9. Just logged on again after a busy fortnight,but its great to see heeley memories is still going strong keep the replies coming,its good to hear about the past,some new family names popped up.Tinker have you heard from sue?
  10. just looked the last temperance bar up its called herbal health,on bank street rawtenstall,between,Blackburn and Bury.
  11. there was a drinks shop in heeley green,on gleadless road in the 50/60s.The last temperance bar open now is in rawtenstall lancashire and is still busy to this day.They had to stop selling sarsaparilla,as we know it,not long ago,they had to make up a new recipe,i cant remember why ,something to do with an ingredient used in the old recipe,not being allowed to be used.Anyway i believe it tastes the same!You can buy allsorts of remedies there,slippery elm!any one remember that for sickness,arrowroot to mention two!
  12. taggys was definitly the best!He came round just in time for sunday tea.what a treat,nothing compares.We also took a bowl out,and had it filled up for a shilling.Enough for everyone in the family.
  13. There was m&s in fargate and also 76 the moor next to atkinsons,as I have ask in a previouse thread did anyone work in the moor branch in the late 60s to mid 70s,as i used to work there then ,left to start a family,but know some still work at m&s meadowhall,even now!Thats a long time to work for the same company.It used to be a good company to work for,and they use to look after their staff,back then.
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