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  1. hi yes i am bets daughter Caroline from Bristol. say hi to di for me and i will be seeing her soon. who is this is it lessely or julia. lol:banana:
  2. hi plain talker just wanted to know if ya mum n dad knew the beresfords in the chip shop next to the school. carltonville rd fish n chip shop was my mum and dads. david and betty beresford. with 5 daughters. just woundered if they remembered them.
  3. if this was in a yellow tube then you can still buy it in some shops
  4. I allways found him nice even though i was only very young he use to give me injections in the butt each day. He always stayed for tea with mum and dad we lived in the same yard as his practice. very nice to hear a bit of his history something mum and dad may have known they were quite frendly with him too. they were Betty and David Beresford from cartonville fisheries.
  5. me too i well remember the bags in my shoes. i even used them in my childrens wellies. although now i live in bristol i get to see the snow even less than sheffield. I use to love going home after a long day in the snow and sit in front of the open fire with a cup of cocoa.
  6. HI cheryl sorry iam going loopy in my old age. yes alex was a twin but i had forgotten. my sister penny said she rememberd she is 52 and i (caroline) am 51 i also remember your name and i think janet but not her surname. i also recall a girl called rita. did you know carol and tony i think thier surname was tompson or something like that. My fondest memory at carbrooke was having to go to the clinic with my cold sores. they use to put this purple violet all over my lips and chin then send me back to school. remember the boys use to try and kiss eveyone. one day they turned me around and saw my purple lips and quickly went running the other way. I also remember the NITS and the nit nurse. caroline
  7. you are as old as you feel. and when i look at some of the young ones aroud to day i feel 20. they look and act as old as i am.
  8. fussells milk still going great. my husband still loves it not a jamie oliver favourate i fear. cant beat banana sarnies with sugar one. ho dont forget the beef dripping. still dip our bread in the beef juice as it comes out of the oven, the family fight over it. just had my colesteral check just perfect told the doctor what i eat he cant believe it. on top of that i was brought up in a fish and chip shop when they cooked in lard. (Cartonville fisheries attercliffe common)
  9. Iam also 51 and l was at carbrook from 5 then hatfield house lane but was only there for 1 year and went to middlewood road where we had a news agent shop. We lived in the fish and chip shop next to carbrook school. I am caroline and my sister is a year older called penny (penelope). do you remember pat jubb? and a boy called alex my memory is a bit vague now.
  10. my ex worked for the star in the 70s. something to do with developing photos.Philip bennett was his name.
  11. I forgot about the brass bands. they use to go passed our chip shop. i remember waiting there for them to pass. Then all of a sudden i realised in the excitement in getting ready and getting out of the house to see the band i had forgotten to put my knickers on. never ran back inside so quick, mum thought it was so funny but i didnt. thanks for jerking my memory.
  12. I left middlewood to start a family 1982. I trained there. bennett was the name do you remenber a sister sables
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