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  1. I worked at Carters when I left school. Was on the top floor, the desks were very high, like something out of a Scrooge movie. Worked updating huge ledgers which weighed a ton. Was all the Salesmen records. The Directors, mainly family, think one was Justin Carter, used to call on a buzzer. I plodded down a corridor and was told which ledgers they wanted to view. Sometimes as many as three and I could hardly carry them. The office boss was Miss Dubin, looked about 70 and really obnoxious. Girls who I worked with were nice but can't remember names as I only stayed a few months. one part of the office had just gone computerised. The first Hollerith machines which were huge, looked like a factory. Used to buy a lot of stuff as we got a discount. I liked the sherbet, humbugs etc. Grandmother used to take Carters little liver pills. I remember having to go into parts where stuff was made in huge vats. does the place still exist?
  2. I remember well, mum and I used to get weighed there if we were shopping. Don't remember the woman in the photo, sure it was someone much fatter. I wonder what happened to the scales. I liked the Norfolk Market Hall. Used to collect stamps and Dad bought me some most weeks. He would then take me for pie and peas, really old place just inside and had wooden booths. Always seemed full.
  3. I left Sheffield 25 years ago. Lived in Spain for 12 years, loved it but changed a lot over the years and became overbuilt. Moved back to Surrey as some family including Grandchildren there. Now living more rural on the South Downs close to Arundel, I can see the castle across the fields and be on the coast in 20 minutes. I was in Sheffield last week, only the second time since leaving. Traffic seemed horrendous and city centre disorganised, most people were speaking other languages. I realised how much I have changed as everyone I know still seems to be in a time warp, like stuck in the eighties. I have many happy memories of Sheffield but wouldn't want to return. Although I wouldn't want to live in any City again, I like village life.
  4. The largest fairground around there was called the Pheasant ground. Could also be approached from Attercliffe Common close to the Pheasant pub and opposite the Carbrook Hall. Bertram Mills circus used to be there too. There were blocks of old air raid shelters at the back of the ground, still had the iron frames for beds.
  5. All the media is biased, we ultimately believe what suits our view. Just read articles in the Guardian and the Mail. Correct news different views. Most newspapers are operating on a shoestring now. Journalists on zero hours, even the Guardian. Reuters has a news section based in India. Has covered some sports events from there from checking on the Internet in the office:D I agree about quotes, so easy to be taken out of context.
  6. Well most of the so called Experts have been wrong so far...many of them actually admitting it.
  7. The BBC are back in campaign mode. All day yesterday they were rolling out "experts" giving the usual scaremongering stats showing how worse off we will be. Usual biased discussions with all supporting remain.
  8. Yes and they are on YouTube, Cameron looking straight into the camera saying voting leave means leaving the single market. Osborne also. Seems as if it is the remainers who didn't understand what they were voting for:rolleyes:
  9. A big chunk of the 15 billion overseas aid budget could be diverted for training.
  10. Remember so many mentioned. OH still has a silk dressing gown from Hornes, that's because he hardly wears it:) I used to go to George France for my hair do and meet up with friends in the Sidewalk coffee bar, I remember it as being very small and dark. Does anyone remember Lornas pie shop on Attercliffe Common? She had big warts on her face. Next door was a horse meat shop. Sad so many individual shops have gone.
  11. The last time I was there it was just one small building Crystal Peaks. Saw a few films there and there was an good Indian restaurant next door. It Used to get full. I probably wouldn't recognise it now.
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