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  1. this could be my grans brother there is a norman . ---------- Post added 25-10-2016 at 18:40 ---------- thank you so much for this is a big help . im wanting to get to show the family tree to family jackson/vaghan side when they vist early next year from perth Australia
  2. hi sorry i have not reply a while to this thread not much to add other then i havnt really not much further then i had before . i can add that i have been told that Owen where more then likely Jewish but my have converted at some point??? .
  3. very sad seen all the flowers outside his flat all ready r.i.p
  4. not sure whats happened my uncle lives on there and my dad went to vist him and still hasnt got home yet .
  5. for good custom work try rob bates https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ink-Surgery-Tattoo-Studio/168246793197199
  6. Stradbroke playgroup, situated in the grounds of Stradbroke school in the community centre on Thursdays from 9am till 11:30am, costs £1 for the first adult and child and 50p for each extra adult or child thereafter. includes morning snack and a drink for the kids, and tea or coffee for the adults. Its voluntary run, and all proceeds are donated to the community centre. http://www.stradbrokeplaygroup.co.uk
  7. After a small chat explaining our case with ofcom, the 'administration fee' as chess put it was dropped. Happy days the misses did some 'googling' and found a contact number for ofcom and called them, although it does say on the web that they dont handle individual inquiries it must have been our lucky day. as long as you have served your contract period and giving the correct amount of notice before termination there shouldnt be any added charges or admin fees. Roll on next week when new connection should be live! twice the speed im currently getting for less money! Bye Bye Chess and good riddance.
  8. as for minimum contract lengths it states those on sign up as different services require different minimum contract terms.
  9. they said it was a disconnection fee... they can leave it connected for me i wont pay it
  10. 7. ending the contract.... if i have served my 18month contract which i signed for... then there is no longer a contract to adhere to right? also my phone line is bt.
  11. Been with these guys (littlebigone) for 18 months and been looking around at other deals seeing as im at the end of my contract, found plusnet offering 76MB line (up to 61 actual) for less than im paying now, so got back in touch with my supplier and told them what i have told you so far and they told me they should be able to price match my deal if i could get it mailed to them. plusnet mailed me the wrong quotation out with deals that were not up to date, so i contacted plusnet again via live chat, then emailed the session with the quotation in writing and proof of email from plusnet. littlebigone or should i say chess telecom declined the email, so i went a little further as to take screen grabs of the sign up process for plusnet so it showed all the facts and figures, had a call back from chess this morning after waiting 5 days for a reply to say they cant match it, further more even though im free from my contract i will still have to pay £99 for them to disconnect me!! even though i restated that my contract was over ! where do i stand with this? i signed up for an 18month contract with littlebigone (broadband only) http://littlebigone.com/files/terms.pdf and not chess telecom who now own the rights to my contract?
  12. yes its was clothes wool and stuff
  13. my gran was jessie owen/ capp had the shop next to Carracks my dad noel went to school with the Carrack boys both lovely men i have had the pleasure to meet as a child even went to a football match with paul .
  14. is there going to be a christchurch at handworth ???
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