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  1. Does anyone know where Emma has gone from Serenity?
  2. Hi Has anyone got any good ideas for a office christmas party, I've got a budget of say £20-25 a head and a free bar budget for about 50-60 people. I want something different with some atmosphere, most of the hotel meals are £30 a head which leaves no budget for a free bar.
  3. Hi, OK so I know this is about moving to Sheffield but, I'm moving to Rotherham and wondered if anyone knew about the Brinsworth area, is there any beauty and tanning salons close by?
  4. Hi, I haven't replied to anyone on this site before, but when I read your request I felt I had to let you know of my discovery! Halo on Devonshire St is fab, my hair is naturally curly and very frizzy. I went there for the first time a couple of months ago and they can blow dry it poker straight without straightening irons. I was amazed, they also do a straightening treatment too, but I haven't tried it. Its about £29 for a cut and finish. I have Janine. Karen
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