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  1. Hello, My girlfriend wants to take get mum to a spa for a treatment and food as a belated mothers day gift as wet both live in Spain. Can anyone suggest anywhere? Thank you in advance for your help. Chris
  2. Hi all, I am looking to do a car boot this Sunday! What are your thoughts on Bowshaw carboot or Chesterfield Car Boot at Holywell? Thanks for the info in advance. Chris
  3. Hi again, I have found several of the car wash type places that do full car valet e.g. abbeydale road tesco and the one on A38 out towards Chesterfield. Just wondering if anyone knew of the best? Thanks again. Chris
  4. Hi all, Just wanting to get my car valetted, I need a full valet including shampooing of seats. I've been to blokes on abbeydale tesco car Park and 40,but said wont do in this rain. Any suggestions on good places? Thanks Chris
  5. Yes I know, haha. I live in the centre of Sheffield, but do not mind travelling a bit for a good car boot. What is considered the best in South Yorks area? Cheers Chris
  6. Hi, I live in Sheffield and will be travelling by car and yes I am prepared to travel. Cheers Chris
  7. Hi, I never done a car boot before. I have lots of second hand things to sell and want to take my car to set up a pitch. I obviously dont want to spend a fortune but want a good turn out. Which would you recommend? Thanks in advance. Chris
  8. Hi, I am looking to sell a lot of second hand things. Can anyone recommend a good weekend car boot - ideally not too expensive for a seller pitch. It does not have to be in South Yorkshire. Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire is fine. Cheers Chris
  9. Hi, I am wanting a name and number printed on the back of a football shirt. Does anyone know of somewhere that does this that looks good and authentic? Thanks Chris
  10. Hi, I want to go for a picnic with my girlfriend in early June! I would like a river or lake and some nice woods or countryside. Now I go mountain biking a lot and found some nice spots on the way to the peaks through Ecclesall Woods, but it will be very busy. Does anyone have any suggestions that will be quiet? Thanks Chrus
  11. She does love Italian, so a trip to this gusto may be worth it? Or Thyme, hmmmm Ive had the same problem that someone else had that Silversmiths dont actually answer the phone. Cheers
  12. Hi, Thanks for the advice people! I will look into SilverSmiths and see which menu they have on. Also, Ill look at Thyme. Any other suggestions people? Thanks
  13. Hi, My girlfriend and I want to go out for dinner. Our favourites are; antibos, mediterranean, Zeugma but fancy something different. Was thinking Silversmiths but not sure. Any suggestion are welcome.... Thanks Chris
  14. Hi, Have you got a number for this garage as I can't find this on the internet? Or has anyone? Thanks
  15. Hi, Thanks for that - I will give them a call. Do you know if they do fitting of part worn tyres also? Thanks Chris
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