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  1. Thanks for all your comments. Yes it appears to be not so rare after all, just me that has never heard of it.
  2. Does anybody have any ideas why an ordinary family in Skegby, Notts in 1842 would name a daughter Mahala. Apparently it is a native american indian name. Mahala's brothers and sisters have usual names such as Louisa, Lydia, George, Alice and William. She goes on to marry a miner and live in Staveley. I've never come across this name before and just wondered if anyone could help.
  3. Can anyone help me with this please? Family members buried in Burngreave Cemetery in 1865 and 1901 have the burial type named as dissenter. Does anyone know what the word dissenter could have meant at this time? Thanks Vulcaneer
  4. Hello Shem Yes it did, did you know the family
  5. My mom went to Maltby Street School and lived on Brompton Road. She was born 1934 and called Joan. She lived at 41 Brompton Road with siblings Bill, Ted, Ernest, Mildred and Maurice. 41 was in the corner yard between Brompton Road and Clay Street. Vulcaneer
  6. What year - I have her marrying in 1918 Vulcaneer
  7. Hello Minino I must admit I do read it as Littlewood myself
  8. Heir Hunters - I've sky plused it for when I get home from work. My family were all Castles but to say the least Eliz was a bit "warm". The children were all (5) either no father named, middle name castle, or father was named as castle. All born 5 years before they actually got married. She even called herself as with the surname Castle on one of the births in 1907 and didn't become married to Castle until 1915. What a gem. It makes for a confusing tree.
  9. hi chimay If there is no father entered ie illegitimate wouldnt his surname have been Littlewood after his mother. Vulcaneer
  10. Thanks Chimay for your quick reply. I thought it might have been Littlewood as William Castle are both entered in what would normally be just the christian name box.
  11. Can anyone help. A birth certificate I have from early 1900's says the following. Name, if any.........William CASTLE. Name and surname of father..........Entry is struck through - no father named. Name, surname and maiden name of mother......Eliza LITTLEWOOD formerly WALKER. My question is should the child be William Castle LITTLEWOOD or William CASTLE? He was actually married as William CASTLE. Hope you can help. Vulcaneer.
  12. I went there from Ellesmere Road School (lived nearby) and I didn't stay on to sixth form but should have. I had a younger brother who went to Hinde House.
  13. I'm upset. I know them all but I'm not on the list. I must have been so memorable!
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