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  1. The original post showed young vandals at work. There are vandals among testosterone-charged youths in any country. This is why it's important that when the British go abroad they don't behave like mindless yobs. When they do they let down their country as these soldiers did. Right now, the world views the British military as a bunch of spineless hairdressers, because a few couldn't stand up to being kept in a room on their own for a few days without totally capitulating to their captors. But I wouldn't say all British are cowards just as the video being used here shouldn't be used to condemn all Americans. There are bad apples in every barrel.
  2. What would you say the general attitude is to using an available power outlet to plug in a laptop in a pub or cafe?
  3. fnkysknky...THANKS!! That's just what I needed. I had no idea that network existed. I have added the link to my favourites.
  4. I will be visiting Sheffield at the end of April and will need to connect my laptop to the Internet so I can work. Where I live I can find a wireless connection easily, but last time I was in Sheffield I had no success finding a connection. Does anybody know of hotel lobbies, cafes, etc where I can go to connect wirelessly to the Internet? Or is there a public network that I can buy a temporary subscription to? Thanks!
  5. Turning on my car radio outside Los Angeles Airport, the first news item I heard was that a restaurant in Sheffield, England was busy following the death of the russia spy, because its name is Polonium. Next came the voice of a waitress with a distinctive Sheffield accent. Just found it mildly interesting to find Sheffield making news internationaly.
  6. Last night these two bouncers And one of em's alright The other one's the scary one His way or no way, totalatarian He's got no time for you Looking or breathing How he don't want you to So step out the queue He makes examples of you And there's nowt you can say Behind they go through to the bit where you pay And you realise then that it's finally the time To walk back past ten thousand eyes in the line And you can swap jumpers and make another move Instilled in your brain you've got something to prove To all the smirking faces and the boys in black Why can't they be pleasant? Why can't they have a laugh? He's got his hand in your chest He wants to give you a duff Well secrectly I think they want it all to kick off They want, arms flying everywhere and Bottles as well it's just Something to talk about A story to tell you ARCTIC MONKEYS
  7. I don't know where you're doing your research, but I think you're absolutely wrong. In vibrant cities throughout the world people are choosing city living. I don't think you can compare grandiose public housing schemes where people were forcibly moved, with people who invest in city living by choice. I also think you're ignoring modern socio-economic factors. However, I think there's a danger in over-building by speculators in cities like Sheffield that have very little draw on new population. These 'me too' schemes that try to copy what is happening in growing cities may well end up as financial and social disaters.
  8. I'd get rid of all those stalls on Fargate, especially that big burger van that turns up right outside the townhall. And I'd chase off all the illegal street vendors from around the market and high street.It all makes the place look and smell like a depressed east European city.
  9. I don't see a ban making much of a difference. British society seems based around going out on Saturday night to binge drink. Being publicly drunk is somehow thought cool and funny. Try staggering around an American city drunk and abusive, with or without a bottle in your hand, and see how far you get. It's just not tolerated like it is in the UK. I think attitudes need to change before a law can make much difference.
  10. It's been a long long time since I ever visited a Sheffield club and I wouldn't even know the names of any now. I wonder what they are like these days. Do girls still dance around handbags? Do girls still go to the toilet en masse? Do blokes still hang around the edges of the dancefloor with pints in there hands staring at the girls? Do youths still threaten to beat you senseless for looking at them or their girlfriend? Are bouncers still psychotic loonies itching to start a fight with the patrons?
  11. I was once in a pub in Low Edges and a bloke in there was talking to my brother about a bloke he knew who was a house burglar. He seemed quite positive about him saying that he was a decent bloke, because he "didn't steal from people like us." I was disgusted with his attitude in thinking that it's ok to steal as long as you pick on people wealthier than yourself.
  12. People derided the Hole in the Road when it was built. They derided the Hole in the Road throughout its life. Now the Hole in the Road has gone it's suddenly a great loss. That's nostalgia for you.
  13. Ouch, tha't reight probably. I'm fed up now, and I should have gone to bed hours ago too.
  14. I find it laughable that the management at Northern General Hospital were unable to predict the shambles that would ensue when they started charging their 7000 staff for parking. So, everyone parks on the streets of Firvale instead. Surprise? I was there in August with my father and he was telling me then what was going to happen. He's an 80+ year old pensioner with no background in facilities management. How the 'eck could you have been taken by surprise, Mr. Riley?
  15. Thank you. You're obviously part of the problem, rather than the solution.
  16. Good points, Bago. Someone who worked at the council once told me that Sheffield was a basketcase economically due to having a high burden of council homes and welfare services to support, and corresponding lack of council tax revenues, leaving no money for capital projects. Not sure that this is true, because there has been plenty of development within Don Valley, etc. I wonder though, what the Supertram, World Student Games, Winter Gardens, etc. did to benefit the economy? It's my impression that there is really nobody in Sheffield truly focused on a plan for the future. Projects seem piecemeal and sometimes for the aggrandisement of few local politicians and profit of a few interested parties.
  17. What is the purpose of knowing about all these incidents, such as accidents, people on roofs, etc? I can understand if the incident involved you and you are looking for a witness to help, but most of these posts appear idle curiosity. I once saw a woman crash a car into a lamppost in Coventry. It burst into flames and she was burned alive. People were actually jumping over the police lines to get a closer look. I suppose this has jaundiced my opinion about people's interest in public disturbances. Sorry.
  18. I think there are a lot of over-reactions about the dangers. The danger is extremely remote. However, I object to her leaving her kids without supervision. If you take kids in public you should keep charge of them. I don't want my meal spoiled by kids screaming, etc.
  19. Derbyshire countryside. Mmmm. That isn't exactly Sheffield. You've only got four by my count
  20. Tokyo's Narita airport isn't an island. It is built on farmland outside the city. There were very violent riots by farmers during the 70s when they were trying to build it.
  21. This is an interesting post, as it takes almost the opposite view to my posts, but seems no less valid. What you seem to be saying is that Sheffield is not a business town, so doesn't need business destinations. My point is also that it isn't a business town, but that's because it is isolated from business destinations. You ask, what does Sheffield have to offer? A good question, but if the answer is 'nothing', we are looking at a bleak future. We do have a pool of labour for a start and the council can make it attractive for companies to do business here. We are centrally located and have land for redevelopment. Unless we start making more effort to compete nationally and internationally, Sheffield will be a dying town. We won't need links to a holiday airport then, because we'll all be on the dole or have moved somewhere else. We have actually done much to change from an industrial economy to an engineering and services economy. In fact, I have been told that we turn out more specialist steel now than we ever did in the old days when we were known as a steel town. I think though, that we need to do a lot more. Sheffield doesn't seem like "City on the Move" to me anymore. Sheffield no longer seems to have an identity. When I talk to Americans about it they've usually never heard of it unless I reference "The Full Monty". That's a sad state of affairs as far as I'm concerned and something I'd like to see change. Sheffield has a lot of creative people. Though, I actually think the local government has let it down over the years with crazy piecemeal schemes that have cost money and done nothing other than spoil any character the city had. I'm also unconvinced as to the legitimacy of some deals. I know the airport link is just a dream and may never happen, but I am using it as an example of what could actually be done. Nothing is impossible and Sheffield could become a vibrant, wealthy city. It really takes a winning attitude rather than saying 'it can never happen to us'. If you expect to lose on penalties, you always will I come and go from Sheffield a lot and see things other cities are doing and would like some of that in Sheffield. I'm not asking you to share my views. If you're happy living here with the way things are, that's fine too. However, it takes more than a downtown greenhouse with a few exotic plants in, which then gets hidden behind a giant hotel, to convince me that Sheffield has a future.
  22. I think that's a good nomination. Uniquely Sheffield.
  23. I admit I was being purposefully controversial in order to spark debate. I pretty much hate them too, but they'd still make my list. As a structure it has raised so many emotions over the years and it's hard to miss. When people see it they express awe as in, "What the **** is that monstrosity?" Anyway, what would be your nominations to the list, then?
  24. Maybe it's just a wonder they were ever built. But, they are a massive landmark that help identify Sheffield. I'm not saying I like them, but they are pretty unique.
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